Jessi (제시) - 'Who Dat B' MV

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人よりも犬が好き Today, 11:40
quiet boo
quiet boo Today, 10:09
Park A.R.M.Y
Park A.R.M.Y Today, 09:00
YES QUEEN!!!!!💖💖💖
유성종 Today, 08:48
Srta.TacoMal Today, 06:02
Jessi: You Dat B!Me: [Bashful] Oh stahp it, you...
KC KTH Today, 05:56
Jessieeeee 😍
dalo mendoza
dalo mendoza Today, 05:54
eres la mejor cante del mundo lo mejor de lo mejor en serio te lo dijo espero que tu carrera suba a lo altosige asi espero que te valla excelente nunca hagas caso a los comentarios cuando mas te lleran mas te aces fuerte
min nie
min nie Today, 05:28
Harthart for jessi💜💜💜... Keep slaying👏👏👏im here everyday😘😘😘
Su n
Su n Today, 05:08
언니 머리카락 야무져요
Moon Light
Moon Light Today, 02:21
Jayda Badoo
Jayda Badoo Today, 02:13
One thing I'd never do: *stand on the roof of a high building in heels*One thing Jessi would do and has done:*StanD On tOp Of A hIgH bUiLdInG iN Heels*Me:What the fu-(realized she's on a roof barefoot: i'd never do that, but she has nice nails :D i'll go now)
Blinks Army
Blinks Army Today, 02:10
Why she look like a fish and a lizard?
Mio San no I’m not a weeb
Mio San no I’m not a weeb Today, 01:53
Interesting. Definitely something different I’ve seen from kpop
Felexia COVER
Felexia COVER Today, 01:01
im that bitch who always turn on the subtitles but here imma belike : fuck that subtitle lemme be focus on motherfucking jessi 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Büşra İlbeyi
Büşra İlbeyi Today, 00:26
super star
BANANA BANANA Today, 00:22
im glad this was on my recommendations. i needed a bad bitch korean woman.
Sulli i miss you
Sulli i miss you Today, 00:06
Te amoooooo jessi 💖💖💖
Dayana Oliveira
Dayana Oliveira Yesterday, 22:42
Shimmie kokobop1
Shimmie kokobop1 Yesterday, 22:25
Whoo dattt bbb?Of course jessi 😊
MrChef011 Yesterday, 22:07
This girl is so underrated!
Emma xxx
Emma xxx Yesterday, 21:43
" I'm all up in your boyfriend/girlfriend's head, I'm a bitch with no patience imma take it all" YES BITCH
Havana Bellydance
Havana Bellydance Yesterday, 20:29
Excellent MV, with awesome message to the haters, fighting Jessi, greetings from Havana,Cuba!
Empty Yesterday, 19:31
This is not Korean and EU
Rosalinda Rios
Rosalinda Rios Yesterday, 19:26
cantas oribre
Ana Gab. Mer.
Ana Gab. Mer. Yesterday, 18:42
Uh swag~
Amna Benismail
Amna Benismail Yesterday, 18:22
she's the Korean nicki minaj and cardi b
Stich Taetae
Stich Taetae Yesterday, 17:53
Billie: im the bad guyJessi: who dat B?
Krytae Kim
Krytae Kim Yesterday, 16:48
View this video🤣❤️🌚
cami hope
cami hope Yesterday, 16:38
i love jessi's voice so much
Melany Jackson
Melany Jackson Yesterday, 16:25
Carla Yesterday, 16:20
She went... OFF😩 I’m really here for Jessi, y’all 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
짜달 Yesterday, 15:56
후댓비 홀애비라고 들림 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
김예린 Yesterday, 15:46
홀애비로 들림
Three Angel Channel
Three Angel Channel Yesterday, 15:28
Why the title same like rich bryan
Stan Kim Jisoo
Stan Kim Jisoo Yesterday, 14:56
“Cant please everybody if i make you uncomfortable okay i’ll be that bitch” FAVEEEE
Stan Kim Jisoo
Stan Kim Jisoo Yesterday, 14:55
23 sep
23 sep Yesterday, 14:28
Now das alotta squattin
Nilima Nandy
Nilima Nandy Yesterday, 14:28
Love jessi from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Bre Love
Bre Love Yesterday, 14:07
Phillip Leite
Phillip Leite Yesterday, 13:21
Shes sexy but i would be more into her if it wasnt for the fake tits.
Blood Queen
Blood Queen Yesterday, 13:03
Jessi should be the queen of Asia. As if you agree?
mounika kulkarni
mounika kulkarni Yesterday, 12:15
I hate this song.....why must it be just for 3 minutes?? I want her to sing for like 3 hours!
suwan yoo
suwan yoo Yesterday, 12:08
홀애비 홀애비~!
kimberlyn Yesterday, 11:33
this shit goes so hard for absolutely no reason bro she rlly did it like that huh 😫😫😫
Iris Freedom
Iris Freedom Yesterday, 10:39
Nobody: Subtitles: Russian
Marz Lee
Marz Lee Yesterday, 10:00
I love jessi oufit in these mv..😍.
히죽 Yesterday, 09:44
언니 이뻐요❤️❤️
;;- Yesterday, 06:53
Chotika Kasemrungroj
Chotika Kasemrungroj Yesterday, 06:50
I really love her personality so much. Love from Thailand
cozy Yesterday, 06:01
No hate to bts or anything but people like Jessi should be pushed in the US more compared to some of these kpop groups. I mean a majority of there fan base in America are little kids. I mean ain't no one playing bts at a party.