Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii (Official)

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Bryan Navarro
Bryan Navarro Today, 15:40
why is she so underrated?? i dont get it.... i love her and her work! shes a real artiest with a message
Dennis Álvarez
Dennis Álvarez Today, 15:18
Ngai 22b
Ngai 22b Today, 14:58
Please don’t stop making new music
Berke Savaş
Berke Savaş Today, 14:53
Jverry Julián Echeverry
Jverry Julián Echeverry Today, 14:31
Que jeilly es Jeilly, emilio es jeilly mi niño adora ese bus :3 U_U
Adi Pramono
Adi Pramono Today, 13:58
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik Today, 13:17
BITCH your career is over, like give up already, it's clear you're not making it in the charts. Like stop making shitty music and get married and start a family, you're almost 40, those eggs won't stay fresh forever 😎✌👎
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Today, 13:01
Berta's Hit Chart11/15/2019Top 5Last: 7Peak: 4
Demetri Mantelis
Demetri Mantelis Today, 12:51
this is probably the worst song I've ever heard in my life
Florin Today, 11:50
This song comes from a mature Katy Perry, I don't get why is it so underrated
Trissa Gonzales
Trissa Gonzales Today, 11:49
what a great song!!!
Mateja Savic
Mateja Savic Today, 11:23
She's starting to look like Chloe Sevigny. Btw the vocals on this version sound different from the one I listen to on Deezer, it's like they have less reverb/effects here and are a bit louder, I prefered the other mix.
Amr Alnhal
Amr Alnhal Today, 10:46
India ❤️
Anobel Khoushabeh
Anobel Khoushabeh Today, 10:37
No promotion. No interviews. No live performances. No official release date to radios and she's still #28 global artist on Spotify. I loveee that she's stepping away from the spotlight and obsession of charts and making BANGER music. This, and NRO are seriously some of the best songs of 2019.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh Today, 09:17
Asian make your attendance here ...and like here,😉
vegan emmy المطبخ النباتي
vegan emmy المطبخ النباتي Today, 08:49
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs6L6kC0kZLWDzAqbDWmWmQ?view_as=subscriber to eat vegetarian please followw me because at the beginning of my way iask for your help
k1tsune Today, 08:06
You will never know how I got these many likes.
Arianne Imperial
Arianne Imperial Today, 08:00
This song giving me old katy vibes
Yolett Hernandez Chavez
Yolett Hernandez Chavez Today, 07:51
Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma Today, 07:23
Only 14 million views in 4 weeks !!😣 In the song like this!!😣😣
Fouad 4000
Fouad 4000 Today, 07:01
Tu es belle Katy Perry
Gia Quý Phi
Gia Quý Phi Today, 06:51
Mohamed Said
Mohamed Said Today, 06:51
she came up with a milestone song in her career that late in her career and i seriously don't know how this even happened,this song will destroy if played anywhere <3
Temps Today, 06:47
This is on my "tunes to get me through work" playlist. I love this song but imma need some chocolate too.
Zack Anderson
Zack Anderson Today, 06:15
Stream Harleys in Hawaii🙏🙏🙏
Dwitama Sasia
Dwitama Sasia Today, 06:08
Ahila Veda
Ahila Veda Today, 05:10
Ahila Veda
Ahila Veda Today, 05:07
Stylist Sexy Saree Queen
Stylist Sexy Saree Queen Today, 04:34
Lee4yj Today, 04:21
What the hell?? Only 14m? Is YouTube messing with her views?
Instagram vndresgt
Instagram vndresgt Today, 03:56
Instagram vndresgt
Instagram vndresgt Today, 03:55
Loooooooove this song
Sabrina A
Sabrina A Today, 03:47
Mistura Pablo vitar+Anitta=Katy Perry
Aline Tav
Aline Tav Today, 02:30
voin chheng
voin chheng Today, 01:46
I only want Harley in Phnom Penh 😘🌸😍😜🙏👻
Tove F. Hansen
Tove F. Hansen Today, 01:30
WHO is the guy ?
Canal do Allé
Canal do Allé Today, 00:59
The haters who fight because this song is addictive. Only my opinion matters
The Ghost
The Ghost Today, 00:24
Let's get to 20M views before the new Katy Perry collab with Rosalia is released.
Watson KIm
Watson KIm Today, 00:08
No Drama...No Fame ! 👸🏻
Michael blad Jackson lopez andrade
Michael blad Jackson lopez andrade Yesterday, 23:57
Esta artista es única única realmente like si eres su fan ( a y te agradecería si me sigues en mi canal quiero salir adelante gracias)
meme sweeta
meme sweeta Yesterday, 23:47
Before 15 million views ♥️
Melay Tulfo
Melay Tulfo Yesterday, 22:52
Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed Yesterday, 22:33
Lol I am very weak
pevo corporate
pevo corporate Yesterday, 22:08
This song is for the right people to be recognized by! i don't think so Katy must have cared about less views in this song rather she has got the perfect selected audience for whom she created this song. #smartkaty
Mr. Talha
Mr. Talha Yesterday, 21:23
This song deserve more than this.. <3
Thorpe Park Mayhem
Thorpe Park Mayhem Yesterday, 20:59
y does she look like kesha lol
Saddy Alan
Saddy Alan Yesterday, 20:52
Them vocals though
Saddy Alan
Saddy Alan Yesterday, 20:50
This video is so good like wtf
Sergio Romero
Sergio Romero Yesterday, 20:24
Me encantó mucho
Love Lesley
Love Lesley Yesterday, 20:17
She snapped