Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya (Official)

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Zarazarith lovett
Zarazarith lovett Today, 11:53
Nykola Dudeck
Nykola Dudeck Today, 11:01
Damnn that raspy voice....
That'sMissJenn Today, 10:59
MY favorite singer in the whole wide world.... just love this song.... ive heard this song the damn 100 times after the release <3
A.K. Today, 10:55
who else think that starting of the song sounds like smells like teen spirit ..
Tsunamy Concepcion Andrade Ruiz
Tsunamy Concepcion Andrade Ruiz Today, 10:14
Asombroso ❤️😵
Natalia Mistry
Natalia Mistry Today, 10:13
What is the point of this video?
KOENANK Today, 08:31
Keren ini lagu...
me lyes
me lyes Today, 08:25
Adrianne Today, 08:14
Totally gorgeous and totally talented!
Hello Hihi
Hello Hihi Today, 07:56
The good-looking Niall in the suit and those skinny trousers is the best thing in the whole video 😍😍😍
Jadyn’s Adventures
Jadyn’s Adventures Today, 07:33
You need to make a collab with Louis Liam Harry and Zane
Soudaluth Sengvilay
Soudaluth Sengvilay Today, 07:31
i luv this style of Niall
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar Today, 07:31
Please come back one direction
Ahmed Medina
Ahmed Medina Today, 07:01
His voice sounds a lot like Alex Turner's
María Paula Franco Sánchez
María Paula Franco Sánchez Today, 06:13
Me encantaaaaa Super sexy esa mirada, te escucharé siempre. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pipebomb Today, 06:07
FIFA vibes.
rhea garano
rhea garano Today, 06:00
😍😍😍 I like the husky voice of this handsome man
Jeanette Morrow
Jeanette Morrow Today, 05:52
Heard this song last night at Sound Night Club in LA, and I couldn't get it out of my head so..Isn't this the Slow Hands guy If so his music is really cool
Anyeli S. Morales
Anyeli S. Morales Today, 05:51
Celson Carlos
Celson Carlos Today, 05:36
ALEXIA styles hoarn payne malik tomlinson
ALEXIA styles hoarn payne malik tomlinson Today, 05:17
I love you Niall Horan 💚
Athena Stapas
Athena Stapas Today, 05:00
I know everyone talks about those "eater eggs" that are placed throughout the video but I never noticed them till about the three-hundred and fifty-sixth time that I watch the video. Am I the ONLY one who couldn't take my eyes off him long enough to see anything else? He's just so beautiful! Especially that wink. Why is he trying to kill us?
Shelby Today, 04:45
if Niall ever got a tattoo he would break the internet with it
Giovanna Vicente
Giovanna Vicente Today, 04:27
Stacy ann Hamilton
Stacy ann Hamilton Today, 04:24
James bond vibe
Ilia White
Ilia White Today, 04:24
666k likes ehhhhhh👹👹
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous Today, 03:47
Got a sort of kingsman vibe off the video like half way through ahaha (anyone else or is it just me? 😂)
Maricruz Ogando
Maricruz Ogando Today, 03:36
I really need the name of the guy who looks like Zayn
Damala Today, 03:07
666k likes.......heh, nice
Rachael Russo
Rachael Russo Today, 02:28
This is iconic
peruano666 Today, 02:01
666 likes 0-0
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia Today, 01:30
Let's cheer for those 13 million views👇
Negin Dehqani
Negin Dehqani Today, 01:13
Amazing💗👌🌸😍😍😍love you
Cup of Coffee
Cup of Coffee Today, 00:25
2:54, what does he say to her? how cool he can be that talk active when he first mets a person
FridaMårdling Today, 00:22
Possible easter eggs:- "Small talk" as an ad on the taxi (possible title of a song..?)- "Heartbreak weather" on the poster (possible title of a song..?)- 4 guys showing up behind him (a hint of an 1D reunion..?)
Alan Christian
Alan Christian Today, 00:22
Small TalkHeartbreak WeatherStill Bend The RulesNo Judgement
Emma Ferrari
Emma Ferrari Today, 00:13
Dang, he looks good with brown hair!
Jessukah E Harrukah
Jessukah E Harrukah Today, 00:09
This makes me realize how much I hear Nialls voice in all the one direction songs because this song sounds like one direction to me
Dagmar Timková
Dagmar Timková Yesterday, 23:38
Nice babe 💜
Edith Noah
Edith Noah Yesterday, 23:34
Ver meu bebê tão confiante e tão destacado assim me da um orgulho imenso,pois todos sabem que na 1D ele sempre era deixado de lado,até pelo próprio fandom.
snakeypig Yesterday, 23:24
Bet you all the Easter eggs like heart break weather are song titles
20cher09 Yesterday, 23:03
I Don't like the looks of him either!!!
Nikola Stojakovic
Nikola Stojakovic Yesterday, 22:46
"Nice to meet ya, what's your name? "- me 0.03 seconds after somebody introduces him/herself
Tv Giovinis barona
Tv Giovinis barona Yesterday, 22:40
Talentoso mi esposo .😍😚😘😙😗😚😘😘😎😶
Tv Giovinis barona
Tv Giovinis barona Yesterday, 22:35
Y cuando la boda.
Beyza Altıntaş
Beyza Altıntaş Yesterday, 22:25
Niye cool yürüyüşte haykırdım kduensisjss
Mads and Libs
Mads and Libs Yesterday, 22:25
I prefer this more than Harry’s new song!
Beyza Altıntaş
Beyza Altıntaş Yesterday, 22:25
Ma baby 😍😍
__alexiskay__ Yesterday, 22:19
Notice he walks in the bar with 4 other guys...........
Tom Yesterday, 22:02
Dude makes bangers