Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean (CLOUDxCITY Remix/From "Disney Hall of Villains")

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Uma Hendrickx
Uma Hendrickx Today, 15:59
Sometimes it is better to be mean in this world otherwhise people think they can use you.sometimes you have to think more about yourself then others otherwhise you can't survive life
Anett gikwang
Anett gikwang Today, 15:43
soy tuan de ti y de tu musica
Evanilde.manuela Alves3214
Evanilde.manuela Alves3214 Today, 15:41
Lets gote
Rita Ghignoli
Rita Ghignoli Today, 15:31
OMG Is fantastic ❤️❤️❤️
maisa tatt0
maisa tatt0 Today, 15:20
I love you
Blair Habart
Blair Habart Today, 15:01
Rut Lobo
Rut Lobo Today, 14:45
I love you AUDREY you're the best friend of DESCENDANTS and remember I love you with all my heart you are my love
Nuria Piedra
Nuria Piedra Today, 14:44
I❤ Sarah Jeffery
yan-chan cosplay 2
yan-chan cosplay 2 Today, 14:42
Queen​ of​ mean​ 2
aya Elmi
aya Elmi Today, 14:20
Miss STAR Today, 13:32
Ahh i like the original one.That was much better ✌🏻😌
Uwu Today, 12:58
You can tell that statues are human just because I saw red 😂
Фируза Чинова
Фируза Чинова Today, 12:30
Ancuta Maria Iancu
Ancuta Maria Iancu Today, 12:01
I love music
Ancuta Maria Iancu
Ancuta Maria Iancu Today, 12:01
Queen of meam
Turgay Öztürk
Turgay Öztürk Today, 11:21
The quuen of mean
Ina Asyifa
Ina Asyifa Today, 11:08
I love Remix !
Сергей Комментариев
Сергей Комментариев Today, 07:25
I love her hair too it's looks like Arians Grande in no tears left to cry
Connie Gonzalez
Connie Gonzalez Today, 06:27
Dejen de pedir likes y disfruten la cancion 🙄
FionnaTheHedgehogYT Today, 06:22
Who else love Sarah Jeffery too!?Her beautiful song of Queen of mean 🥰
Alejandra Ignastoky
Alejandra Ignastoky Today, 05:43
Me Encanta La Canción De Audrey Que Canta Queen Of Mean Interpreta En Audrey
angel Badillo
angel Badillo Today, 05:21
Love des song
Erica Today, 03:40
Brian Kingman
Brian Kingman Today, 03:30
She also has long hair🥰😘🥰😘
Brian Kingman
Brian Kingman Today, 03:29
She is sooooo short 🥰🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜
camila dominguez
camila dominguez Today, 03:16
like si quieres que suba asta la 80 parte de la cncion
Jennie Lawerence
Jennie Lawerence Today, 03:00
This ain’t it
bela kids
bela kids Today, 02:48
Lida nusica
bela kids
bela kids Today, 02:48
Anel Muruato
Anel Muruato Today, 02:44
I love saraha jeffery he lo ves music in Sarah jeffery he loves desendents like yea love Sara jeffery
James Johnson
James Johnson Today, 02:40
Please be mean to me Sarah Jefferies iam bad you know it that's right know you about you nice ass
Guadalupe Juarez
Guadalupe Juarez Today, 02:09
Queen of mean . Me .Encanto👑
Miguel Salgado Mendiola
Miguel Salgado Mendiola Today, 02:01
Es la cansion q más me encantó de descendientes
Antonio Yañez
Antonio Yañez Today, 01:56
Gabino Vergara
Gabino Vergara Today, 01:14
Me encantó la parte 1:08
Gabino Vergara
Gabino Vergara Today, 01:11
Eileen Rosewater
Eileen Rosewater Today, 00:48
Sarah is a queen!!! I loved her story line in D3! I hope she makes more music, she’s amazing
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez Today, 00:46
me encanta tu canción
Néstor Álvarez
Néstor Álvarez Today, 00:07
like si extras a corlos
Princess Brielle
Princess Brielle Yesterday, 23:59
Dangggggg that remix lit!!!!!!!!!!
Lily Tydeman-Dufeu
Lily Tydeman-Dufeu Yesterday, 23:55
This was made for the edgy teenagers out there who grew up with descendants ✌️😂 (me)
Melady Canizalez
Melady Canizalez Yesterday, 23:44
Spanish: Es hermoso como cantasInglish: is so beautiful how to sing
Matheo uwu
Matheo uwu Yesterday, 23:34
Amazing 💕
Nombre Díaz
Nombre Díaz Yesterday, 23:31
Bvagafv. Vhqhac. Ajav. A.
Nombre Díaz
Nombre Díaz Yesterday, 23:31
Jesus Galvan
Jesus Galvan Yesterday, 22:31
Está pero muy linda esta cul
Berny V.R
Berny V.R Yesterday, 22:23
Sarah Jeffery: 👌👌
Keily Zapata
Keily Zapata Yesterday, 22:14
Like descendientes you love eres la mejor que mal que no abra otra película bueno tenemos en nuestro corazón a cayeron😔
aya Elmi
aya Elmi Yesterday, 22:09
Love❣😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍love you
Mayerly Mendez
Mayerly Mendez Yesterday, 21:59