J.Y. Park(박진영) "Who's your mama?(어머님이 누구니) (feat. Jessi)" M/V

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kayla kaylex
kayla kaylex Today, 17:12
I really wish I wouldn't have turned the captions on for this one 😭 😭
전동혁 Today, 16:49
ioveur kithes
ioveur kithes Today, 13:56
why am i watching this?my answer: i dont know leave me alone
Subha Shree
Subha Shree Today, 13:37
This is sexual harassment. I feel bad for those girls she even has to dance with that pervert man
ARMY A.D.O Today, 12:04
Is he the sane man who make TWICE do a cute conceAnd Jessi is amazing as usual
ぷんき Today, 12:02
FiFi Lo
FiFi Lo Today, 09:31
K asko de canción, a la mierda contigo JYP
Whyz Ocean
Whyz Ocean Today, 07:09
lee soohyun QÜÆNN
lee soohyun QÜÆNN Today, 04:37
I love music
lee soohyun QÜÆNN
lee soohyun QÜÆNN Today, 04:37
Amo esta cancion
Marlee Imphean
Marlee Imphean Today, 03:25
Putting English captions on for the whole video.Wish me luck
JJ Disco
JJ Disco Today, 02:41
Its ok! Hello Europe! 🙂
Maria Clara Santana
Maria Clara Santana Yesterday, 23:54
Olha pro papa JYP arrasando corações kkk
• stan •
• stan • Yesterday, 20:26
JYP: sHAKE thAT bOOTY bOOTY---meanwhile got7 and twice* gags and throws up *
SAN ity
SAN ity Yesterday, 19:55
just one word .... ICONIC
keert zard
keert zard Yesterday, 19:03
Is it normal to know ur hip and waist size..like waa--
ウォーちゃん!! Yesterday, 09:35
Crunch Kpop
Crunch Kpop Yesterday, 09:23
so...jyps an ass guy... didn't need to know that
정종우 Yesterday, 09:07
가수는 좋은 직업이야
Hobii.exe햇빛 18 November 2019 19:37
2:08 bc you're a perv, my dude
케모 18 November 2019 15:09
이거 시발 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 시대 개 잘타고나서 성공한거임 복받은줄알아라;;
한준서 18 November 2019 14:22
댓 읽는데 왜 전부다 영어밖에 없냐
김미정 18 November 2019 08:25
변태 아님?
เบนซ์ สุติตตรา
เบนซ์ สุติตตรา 18 November 2019 08:00
ทำไหมหน้าเหมือน บี เดอะสการ์ อ่ะ
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 18 November 2019 06:05
The undisguised douchebaggery of this song and video are priceless. 😂
kiara Mayita
kiara Mayita 18 November 2019 03:36
Dahyun stole jimins jams
Dahyun stole jimins jams 18 November 2019 02:41
Looking at this now,... he sounds misogyinic...and hates women with flat backsides....good thing my backside is as plump as a 🍑
정건희 18 November 2019 00:37
진찌 밝고 유쾌하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Julia Segura Llorens
Julia Segura Llorens 18 November 2019 00:36
no es por nada pero es una canciñon un poco machista
Mystic Loon
Mystic Loon 17 November 2019 23:11
This is based on a woman's body kinda sexist
camichandesu :3
camichandesu :3 17 November 2019 21:34
Una bronca me das
STAR스토리텔러 17 November 2019 21:12
Yg : 아이돌들 안내보냄Sm : 아이돌들 너무 내보냄Jyp : 아이돌 대신 자기가 나옴
Emma 17 November 2019 20:48
This is the worst song that i hear xD
ѕтαя кιм
ѕтαя кιм 17 November 2019 19:12
غسلت يدي منك
레전드 17 November 2019 19:01
존나 다 외국인밖에 없는데 한국인은 없음?
stray kids
stray kids 17 November 2019 18:04
00:29 there is nothing there :v
hoeuxluni 17 November 2019 08:13
Your Prince
Your Prince 17 November 2019 07:32
My pervert uncle be like hahahahahahahahaJk JYP ure funny AF hahahahaa
Bubba Tae_kook
Bubba Tae_kook 17 November 2019 04:06
Am I the only one who finds this kind of funny 😆
A Cup Of Tae With Suga
A Cup Of Tae With Suga 17 November 2019 03:18
Se ele fica animado com essa bundinha de grilo, então se o JYP vir pro Brasil não vai prestar ksjskj
Lee巧靈 17 November 2019 01:20
JYP pervert😂😅
Ariblake 17 November 2019 00:37
Poor jessi she deserved better
ymooniverse 17 November 2019 00:09
No one:Absolutely no one:JYP: Casually checks out her ass 😂
Hayami MORALES YAUCE 16 November 2019 22:32
intheshashallo w
intheshashallo w 16 November 2019 21:32
ahre que las pibas son re planas
momo jokbal
momo jokbal 16 November 2019 18:43
just dont do this to twice jyp you bitch 😂
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 16 November 2019 15:31
3:30 the look on her face says,"And now I'm gonna kill him." 😂
Fineapple dot
Fineapple dot 16 November 2019 13:44
say what you want, i freaking love this song 😂
Queen B
Queen B 16 November 2019 12:19
Its v hard to find jeans
Swarali Deshpande
Swarali Deshpande 16 November 2019 09:20
And u thought the groups u stan were weird...