French Montana - Twisted (Audio) ft. Juicy J, Logic, A$AP Rocky

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Eraldo Ibrushi
Eraldo Ibrushi Today, 14:31
The beat is fiyaaa
Vitalis Stoloka
Vitalis Stoloka Today, 14:27
Donald Trump most favorite song
Jace Seward
Jace Seward Today, 12:51
ASAP rocky is the only saving grace in this song
WarHog Group935
WarHog Group935 Today, 00:01
This is club music for sure lol
Slat Master
Slat Master Yesterday, 23:33
Logic’s black side: 🤕Logic’s white side: Hold my goddamn root beer
Dakota Chism
Dakota Chism Yesterday, 22:35
If you aint talking to french
Armir Velcani
Armir Velcani Yesterday, 21:24
7.2 mil.....
Blade Wilson
Blade Wilson Yesterday, 20:21
A$AP Rocky isn't in the song 😭😂
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Yesterday, 16:11
I will pretend this song doesn't exist
Diaz Army
Diaz Army Yesterday, 13:59
I heard this was bad but DAMN this is straight shit.
SHINE HEART JR TV Yesterday, 13:31
Who else is here after Joe Budden Podcast? 😂😂😂
Austin Glass
Austin Glass Yesterday, 09:21
Damn y'all really mad cause logic enjoying life, selling stadiums out and making verses that aren't supposed to be the most lyrical shit. People love to hate 🤔 you do realize this a song that has two dudes who ain't been big since like 2012... 😂
Derrick Moore
Derrick Moore Yesterday, 06:17
Logic 2018: 1800-273-8255Logic 2019: 1800-Kill-The-Pussy
Frank Olivieri
Frank Olivieri Yesterday, 04:45
Anthony Caruso
Anthony Caruso Yesterday, 03:10
Joe's reaction to this song is more entertaining than the song itself
Jason Dennis
Jason Dennis Yesterday, 01:45
If Drake made this everyone would be saying it deserves a grammy.This song is 🔥
ibbey TM
ibbey TM 13 November 2019 22:47
still waiting for that Pretty Flacko verse...!
george baez
george baez 13 November 2019 22:08
Terrible song! just release the instrumental already
Marzah 13 November 2019 17:35
He just lost his girl and he’s going through shit. Why isn’t everyone hating because of one bad verse?
Chris J Productionz
Chris J Productionz 13 November 2019 16:52
Man logic what happened man....I miss his 2012 Young Sinatras Trilogy’s
Amanda Heflin
Amanda Heflin 13 November 2019 05:57
Jay G
Jay G 13 November 2019 03:32
No matter how many ppl say logic verse was trash ppl only came for logic. This song wouldn't have alll these views if logic wasn't on it.
Wul nir
Wul nir 13 November 2019 00:55
People do not go beyonds lyrics...
NA6 NA6 13 November 2019 00:43
idc this song is litttt
Robbie Rennaker
Robbie Rennaker 12 November 2019 20:40
Robbie Rennaker
Robbie Rennaker 12 November 2019 20:39
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy 12 November 2019 19:29
french montana should just stop
JM Rodriguez-Luis
JM Rodriguez-Luis 12 November 2019 12:23
I can't decide which of French's new singles is the worst. They're all fucking horse shit.
SupernovaSpriter 12 November 2019 10:44
Where's Rocky's verse?
VTB 114
VTB 114 12 November 2019 05:13
I’m not a logic fan really but I mean I don’t get what people are complaining about with this song. I caught a couple corny bars but that’s about it.
Spencer 12 November 2019 02:51
ngl the beat is good but the lyrics are just......
Oof Mor
Oof Mor 12 November 2019 01:32
Y’all aren’t Logic fans if you think his verse on this song was trash, he went with the flow which was amazing. I agree he had a line which was a bit bad but other than that it was something you haven’t seen from Logic. He went with a different flow that’s why you guys are a bunch of haters.
India Shanté
India Shanté 12 November 2019 00:35
ChiChrisTho23 11 November 2019 21:23
This shit sound like it was from 2005... I love it
Isaiah Jaivam
Isaiah Jaivam 11 November 2019 21:12
Chancy Alec
Chancy Alec 11 November 2019 19:53
It’s this garbage that turn people off rap altogether. This is that dumpster fire that tipped over and caught the whole building ablaze.
kevingates TV
kevingates TV 11 November 2019 17:40
This ruined logics career
Joe DidIt
Joe DidIt 11 November 2019 15:00
the only thing i really appreciate about this songis that juicy j probably got a good bag for this
TALKSiiCK 11 November 2019 14:29
This song flames I don’t care what anyone says hahaAnd I love real rap I rapI hate music like this but this shit is dopeHahaha legitI thought it be terrible from ppl talking about itThis shits got old school vibe to rap back in the day 90sBelieve it or notNot mumble baLogic funny tho haha
The Opposite Of Sad
The Opposite Of Sad 11 November 2019 10:39
didnt logic write a whole song about how mumble rappers are trash and we all about real rap with eminem? hahahahahahahah he just did that lmaooo
NoobMaster69 11 November 2019 08:46
Now I understand the hate for Logic. Dang it I love Logic but this is disappointing!☹️
bruh idk
bruh idk 11 November 2019 06:35
this aint it chief. logic aint even sound like himself 😂😬⁉️
Perfvalist 11 November 2019 06:21
Stripper/Porno Intro Music 🤪
Abdo Jvp
Abdo Jvp 11 November 2019 01:25
French Montana 🔥🔥🇲🇦
TRINIWIZARD 10 November 2019 22:28
Idk if i can stand behind logic anymore after this🤦🏾‍♂️,lets hope no pressure brings back the logic we know
Hunter Brosnan
Hunter Brosnan 10 November 2019 22:15
I came for juicy j
0re011 10 November 2019 17:39
here cuz of joe budden podcast
Zakky L
Zakky L 10 November 2019 17:12
best song ever ! !!
Damian Mendoza
Damian Mendoza 10 November 2019 15:29
The flow is there but I really hate those fuckin lyrics 🙃
Dingle McCringleberry
Dingle McCringleberry 10 November 2019 09:40
this song is so bad it doesn't even deserve HD quality im watching in 144p 😂😂