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Danielaa Mejia
Danielaa Mejia Today, 14:54
emily palmer
emily palmer Today, 14:22
NANA A Today, 12:55
That someone is LEE HOSEOK😢😢
Katrine Boucher
Katrine Boucher Today, 09:36
This song hits hard.... in the feels ❤️
b love
b love Today, 09:28
When I heard this song I was scared and sad because it reminds me of wonho 😭😭😭
Raven Rayvon
Raven Rayvon Today, 09:08
We want wonho with all the MONSTA X members 🙏🏻
That’s prithi the evil
That’s prithi the evil Today, 06:52
Evany Klop
Evany Klop Today, 05:30
why are they such beautiful people? reminds me of anime....anyone else? me....?ok, bye
Poojitha Gorumutchu
Poojitha Gorumutchu Today, 03:33
Any army’s here
Bolt__K.O Today, 03:08
Kpop is just so good and MONSTA X is really good as well
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U Today, 02:43
IDK them just accident clicking this vid but this song is TOO BAD.....too bad in my phone lol coz i can't stop playing:) This song is really GOOD BUT WHY TOO SHORT?
Le Games with Kent
Le Games with Kent Today, 02:31
Wonho is not on starships website anymore 😥😣😥😣 we want wonho back starship
luh sma
luh sma Today, 02:03
i cant listen this music without cry now...
Dan Fedorov
Dan Fedorov Today, 00:37
new bts song yay
rafael andres rolon
rafael andres rolon Today, 00:32
Love army
JennaBiello18 Today, 00:18
Why is everyone sleeping on this song? Its amazing.
yellow queen
yellow queen Today, 00:11
Come on monsta X ¡¡¡¡, greetings from Chile
hawonho __
hawonho __ Yesterday, 23:04
Ash sttarlightts
Ash sttarlightts Yesterday, 22:18
Even if this wasn’t a kpop song I generally really like this song regardless it’s really good vibe
Yuen Arxangeluz
Yuen Arxangeluz Yesterday, 21:07
Mariano Swan
Mariano Swan Yesterday, 20:22
I'm an Army but I'm loving MonstaX and I'm fighting for Wonho's return with monobebes!Keep trending him on Twitter
Goddess Goodman
Goddess Goodman Yesterday, 19:47
They deserve so much more love then what they get. This song hits different now since Wonho left💔😭
Mona Mjd
Mona Mjd Yesterday, 19:44
Fernanda esmeralda Vazquez
Fernanda esmeralda Vazquez Yesterday, 19:39
Yo soy el comentario en español que buscabas . Like si te encanta esta canción
Emir Ki
Emir Ki Yesterday, 18:41
This is beautiful and hurting at the same time.. #MonstaXOT7
fat yoshi
fat yoshi Yesterday, 18:30
I never listened to Monsta X and im not a Monbebe,, and idk these guys names..but i hope that one guy Wonho comes back THEYRE AMAZIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Nasr Soda
Nasr Soda Yesterday, 17:59
Sahra Mohamud Ahmed 4 Solviksskolan
Sahra Mohamud Ahmed 4 Solviksskolan Yesterday, 17:48
monsta x hhhhuuu bbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
H e a v e n l o v e
H e a v e n l o v e Yesterday, 17:16
Hoseok is my someone.
93가브리엘라 Yesterday, 16:45
Adore so much this song, I will fighting for our Ot7💜
Rosellosa Chona
Rosellosa Chona Yesterday, 16:30
when i saw this group from the Cartoon 'We bare bears' it made me wonder
Paige Owens
Paige Owens Yesterday, 16:15
Monbebe loves you!
اسماء DAY6
اسماء DAY6 Yesterday, 16:03
I’m alone but I’m with you
Love YG Artists
Love YG Artists Yesterday, 15:16
I'm ikonic and I know the feeling of loosing someone from the group so stay strong monbebes🌼
ぷにに🍓 Yesterday, 14:57
なんでそんなひどいことできるの、お願いお願いお願い、お願いだからウォノを返して、私たちのウォノを返して、。公式のサイトからもウォノを消さないで。ウォノをコンカから消さないで。ウォノの努力を無駄にしないで。まだ7人でいて。ウォノがいないとMonstaXじゃない。無駄足掻きなんかじゃない。明らかにおかしいじゃんだって、ファンが盲目的だから?そんなわけない、契約解除も公式で発表しない、脱退理由も誤魔化してる。ウォノを返して。We need wonho 7-1=0
Roma Ahmed
Roma Ahmed Yesterday, 13:42
Please bring Wonho baaaaaaaack😔🙏🏻💔💔💔
Vidushi Chauhan
Vidushi Chauhan Yesterday, 06:28
I may be wrong .....but doesn't it sounds like one direction's song "same mistakes" in the beginning
Vmin_ Nation
Vmin_ Nation Yesterday, 05:17
can someone tell what is their fandom name cause i want to stan them
Meyustina Sitohang
Meyustina Sitohang Yesterday, 04:00
I'm not their fan but I really love this song 😁😀😂
Rachel Marie
Rachel Marie Yesterday, 01:57
I did a reading for wonho... things will start looking up for him... the reading was really on point as far as I see... hopefully he can move on and be happy
Lana Mochi
Lana Mochi Yesterday, 01:57
Meus amores, amo tanto...
dreamgirlinthedark Yesterday, 00:37
Someones someone!? Monbebe: Monsta X!
bbybunny doyoung
bbybunny doyoung Yesterday, 00:01
Ok why did this make me cry
Did you see my user Its full of BTS memes
Did you see my user Its full of BTS memes 13 November 2019 23:53
And Wonho wants to be Monsta x's someone.. "Someone we cant live without... Someone who is perfect with out reason.." Wonho is that someone.
Özge 13 November 2019 23:37
When i listen the first part of this song i get some one direction's same mistake's vibe
Lana Mochi
Lana Mochi 13 November 2019 23:00
Olha aqui uma army q tmb ama Monsta X 😁❤️
Peggie Russell
Peggie Russell 13 November 2019 22:36
Sadly my life will never be the same. Isn't it strange how a group of strangers can come into your life, and take all the sadness you have held in your heart for so long and change it into happiness and joy. I am from America and can't speak Korean, but it didnt matter. Their music is universal and touches you . Their antics make you laugh even if you don't what they are saying (thank goodness for subs though) Their gentle cute natures are something anyone can understand, anyone with a heart that is. They pour out their love for us with everything they do. It hurts me that the ones who are the softest (Wonho and Shownu) are the ones who get attacked and hurt by uncaring people.One of them was even someone who was a friend , can you just imagine how hurt and betrayed Wonho must feel. Our soft bunny always puts himself down thinking he doesnt give us enough of himself which is so not true and heartbreaking when you think about it This tender man doesnt deserve this and neither does our cuddlely bear. Getting to long again I'm sorry I can't stop my broken heart or my crying . I love these boys (all of Monsta x) and they just don't deserve this. They have all worked so hard, they are a family and should always be together in happiness . Hugs again sorry for any typos or mistakes.
Bri ALBILINI 13 November 2019 22:11
I'm now a traitor, bc I am an ARMY, but I like thia band tooo :D -
MISS I.G 13 November 2019 21:40