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airplanejimin Today, 05:10
wtf how has this not hit 1M
Claudia Gamboa
Claudia Gamboa Today, 04:53
Vanessa Araujo
Vanessa Araujo Today, 02:36
Str3am at kq channel please
Heather Miller
Heather Miller Yesterday, 13:14
Love you Ateez! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your new song is lit!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Катерина Жоголева
Катерина Жоголева Yesterday, 10:55
this style!!! i like it
Carolina Hutchinson
Carolina Hutchinson Yesterday, 02:21
How does this have under a million views??? Crazy!! This song is kick ass!
Ma na So
Ma na So Yesterday, 00:57
So GOOOOOD!!!! I like ATEEZ more and more each day, I might end up becoming ATINY hahaaa- a very supporting Nctzen ♡
공원지우 Yesterday, 00:52
who knew yeosang cursing would be the hottest thing ever
Мэри Худолей
Мэри Худолей 19 October 2019 20:09
Походу я полюбила эту группу🖤
Lyubov Karnaukh
Lyubov Karnaukh 19 October 2019 18:04
ATEEZ never disappoints! Thank you for another epic anthem ;)
Brygida Milewska
Brygida Milewska 19 October 2019 15:13
Nie lubię nowego kpop’u , ale ta piosenka to sztos ! Respekt boys ! 🇵🇱❤️
CyberInk 19 October 2019 13:55
Hey Atinys, don't know if you know the chanel K-ville entertainment but they make a chart for the Top 100 kpop songs. You can vote for you favourite songs that were released in the last 10 week I think. The Mv where I'm writing this is on the chart and I wanted to tell you, that you should go there and support the artist if you like them :) You have to vote for 10 songs to make your list count, here are the Songs i voted for, maybe you like them too ^^ (i write this comment under every Mv on this list so I try to promote all of them, it's not spam)Stray Kids - Double KnotAteez - WonderlandOneus - LitArgon - Give me DatKard - Litty dumbSeventeen - FearDreamcatcher - Deja VuTarget - Baby come back homeM.O.N.T - Korean Nation MansaeIz - Final Kiss3ye - OOMMAns - Boom BoomN.cus - Super LuvEverglow - AdiosThe Rose - RedOnf - Why1the9 - BlahGreatguys - Be on you
Daniely Buono
Daniely Buono 19 October 2019 04:01
Todos os integrantes do ateez foram diagnosticados com dor nas costas por carregarem o título de reis do universo, donos da indústria musical e futuro do kpop.
jennie’smile 19 October 2019 02:25
I don’t stan ateez but like shït I’m glad I clicked on this
eclipse 18 October 2019 23:04
Usingliptie 4501
Usingliptie 4501 18 October 2019 21:57
I still think there's still one MV to get out. On previous albums there's always been 2 less in this.Something weird there is. Call me crazy but I don't know.
Muhammad Firdauss
Muhammad Firdauss 18 October 2019 15:50
0:40 copy lady gaga telephone???
I love LEE KNOW you know ??
I love LEE KNOW you know ?? 18 October 2019 11:55
I'm on my my way to KoreaWait for me oppa
Maliha Tasnim
Maliha Tasnim 18 October 2019 02:46
omg the choreo
Jess Ward
Jess Ward 17 October 2019 22:46
I think this has to be my favourite comeback, anyone else???
spicysprite 17 October 2019 20:37
This song really slaps
My Little Corner
My Little Corner 17 October 2019 20:14
They're killing it!
sue su
sue su 17 October 2019 18:58
Please 👉👉 KQ entertainment
Zeynep Güneş
Zeynep Güneş 17 October 2019 12:22
Please let ateez and everglow cooperate
mira clex
mira clex 17 October 2019 06:33
perfeito simplesmente
marozz urpon
marozz urpon 17 October 2019 04:55
Hongjoong. 💕😘🔥
Peachy Tae
Peachy Tae 17 October 2019 00:48
Who's the one with the red hair....
Dalia RM
Dalia RM 16 October 2019 23:26
Choco 16 October 2019 21:56
Tari Noviana
Tari Noviana 16 October 2019 21:05
911 951
Daljit Kaur
Daljit Kaur 16 October 2019 17:31
What is the name of the guy with red hairs?❤💎😍
kkoreatic 16 October 2019 14:55
Abigail Selena
Abigail Selena 16 October 2019 01:10
how havent this got more views and likes???
Giftz B
Giftz B 15 October 2019 21:37
I think we all know there is something going on with the vi*ws since yesterday on the main channel. Youtube is doing something to the vi*ws. Plz spread the word, cuz this isnt fair. Atiny plz don't give up, keep stre3ming and keep voting on idol champ. Save votes on starplay for next week too. PPL might be trying to sabotage ateez cuz of their success but we need to stay strong and keep supporting the boys. Plz also keep stre3ming the m countdown performance.
Peerapong pratas ball _19!
Peerapong pratas ball _19! 15 October 2019 14:25
Ain Halim
Ain Halim 15 October 2019 14:13
ATINY, Please vote for Wonderland on idol champ (they are now at #2) and on mwave for m countdown (open for voting on this friday at 2pm)..please please please we have to work hard to give them 1st win and following wins 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. Fighting ATINY! FIGHTING ATEEZ! FIGHTING WONDERLAND! ❤️
farah maulita
farah maulita 15 October 2019 13:15
anyway, this song is like asking me to prepare for war and im more than willing to do so
farah maulita
farah maulita 15 October 2019 13:07
if ateez doesnt win roty then ppl doesnt know what pure talent is
Nanako Sugiyama
Nanako Sugiyama 15 October 2019 06:28
I can’t even find the point where Yeosang has lines in this song. Please give him more lines.
ScmalKidS59 15 October 2019 03:57
i show ths to my doctor and now i am his doctor
Mochi Moch12
Mochi Moch12 15 October 2019 02:51
I'm a new fan and i really like they're music uwu
Leo panda2
Leo panda2 14 October 2019 22:57
I love ATEEZ
Mingi's Hakuna Matata
Mingi's Hakuna Matata 14 October 2019 19:17
I yellow you 💛
Tanzila Minni
Tanzila Minni 14 October 2019 16:56
I don't see this usually.....but the dancing was good.👏
BIGBANGOT7ATEEZ AHGATINY 14 October 2019 13:24
Can I ask? When will Stone Ent stop releasing ATEEZ mvs? it's hard to have 2 same mvs
Priti Biswas
Priti Biswas 14 October 2019 11:55
Hello choke me please? ATEEZ: Here we come.... Us: Dead
Annabelle Stream
Annabelle Stream 14 October 2019 06:59
absolute bop
Alex 14 October 2019 06:25
When you're a music major that loves K-Pop and gets excited seeing a marching band in the MV :D
Vina Dwiyantari
Vina Dwiyantari 14 October 2019 06:20
Lah? Baru pertama kali liat ATEEZ. Ini lagu bagus banget kampret! :') Di kuping perfect bnget asli
Mc Kenna
Mc Kenna 14 October 2019 05:41