Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Official Music Video)

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The Repcak
The Repcak Today, 12:04
To jest dramat
MOSEZ7 • Today, 12:01
i miss weslife haha .
NEERAJ CHAND Today, 11:40
it is so cazy song
halsey gomez
halsey gomez Today, 11:31
I want a boyfriend like Justin right fucking now
DY Mamarinta
DY Mamarinta Today, 11:17
Justin bieber dont left
alexander lüdi
alexander lüdi Today, 10:52
The strange thing is the fact that this song is on No.1 in the country-charts.????
M Hass
M Hass Today, 10:19
Didn't know Jon Snow was a guitar player lol.
•Coogie• Today, 10:14
Q park
Q park Today, 10:12
انا من اليمن بحب جاستن بيبر❤
Scirz RBLX
Scirz RBLX Today, 10:08
It takes 10,000 hours to become a proffesional csgo player ahaha
Ajay sonawane
Ajay sonawane Today, 09:48
Feels like old justin...
Aromal #Mendes
Aromal #Mendes Today, 09:43
Our Old Cute Bieber is back!!
Hanny Kim
Hanny Kim Today, 09:34
Burkius Today, 09:27
LIL BUB Today, 09:22
More shit music, ugh
Guardian Boy626
Guardian Boy626 Today, 09:17
This video called me single “10,000 times”
Lil Durk
Lil Durk Today, 09:10
When you hate country and Justin Bieber makes you cringe, but you love this song and, secretly, cried a little listening to It.
Martina Vamlice
Martina Vamlice Today, 09:05
10,000 love this 😊😊😊i'm cry, because jb and his wife look happy
Raja mohan
Raja mohan Today, 09:03
Oo its hailey
Leoda Anfone
Leoda Anfone Today, 08:59
megan leigh vargas granada
megan leigh vargas granada Today, 08:51
After all the mess....we can never unlove Justin , he's just so real <3
Iovelyn Vista
Iovelyn Vista Today, 08:51
Im going to mary 2020
Pooja Sri
Pooja Sri Today, 08:37
Beautiful song.. 😍😍 does anyone feel Hailey looks a bit like Indian actress Pooja Hegde..?
JustinBieberMV Today, 08:17
Keep in touch With My NewWest Song
JC TIMTIM Today, 08:11
0:47 Damn I always wanted to see her smile like that <3 <3 <3
emxly Today, 08:03
Who’s here after watching Gerda Lewis’ Story ?
Veerendra Narvekar
Veerendra Narvekar Today, 07:56
Justin is wearing that same t shirt worn by Selena in music video I can't get enough
Tal Ongz
Tal Ongz Today, 07:45
Every comment in music videos' be like: These are the number of people loving the artist👇
oppa jisso
oppa jisso Today, 07:44
Justin Bieber is really a lucky charm in every song he was being featured.
oppa jisso
oppa jisso Today, 07:44
Dan and Shay took 10,000 Hours to hit the BBHot100 top 10.
Zara Jlo Capobres
Zara Jlo Capobres Today, 07:40
That should be Selena :((
Cody Ball
Cody Ball Today, 07:40
The first thing I noticed Justin finally got a haircut lol.
Pynlin Rymbai
Pynlin Rymbai Today, 07:33
Dan+Shay's voice is very similar to Justin's voice.wooow
eMJhay Cada
eMJhay Cada Today, 07:33
kara leann wright
kara leann wright Today, 07:20
hailey and justin are the cutest i swear 🥺
Gaby Avila
Gaby Avila Today, 07:19
Justin bieber recupero su look parece que nunca envejece eso es lo bueno
Princess Remington Taylor
Princess Remington Taylor Today, 07:00
What song and damaging d
:Y Frank
:Y Frank Today, 06:58
i'm willing to give justin a chance, he gotta lazer remove them tats...
Cultus Deorum
Cultus Deorum Today, 06:56
This is great music for ppl that hate themself
Sarah S
Sarah S Today, 06:50
Love this song so much..Like if you do the same
Kitty Ferguson
Kitty Ferguson Today, 06:43
its not professional mixing personal and business and that is what i see in this video. Not a fan.
TJ AC Today, 06:33
I'm still inlove with Justin Bieber and I'm happy for him. ❤😍
Alice Raven
Alice Raven Today, 06:17
She still sings well...
Saktii Sihombing
Saktii Sihombing Today, 06:02
yang jomblo auto ngenes njirr
Who else missed the old Justin Bieber ?!I did!😆😀
Adam Today, 05:58
10,000 Hours and the Music clip is only 2:55 minutes
Jay-D Roldan
Jay-D Roldan Today, 05:51
Hit like if you love this song😍😍😍
Alexis Macias
Alexis Macias Today, 05:30
Donde están los comentarios en español ?
Nguyễn Tung
Nguyễn Tung Today, 05:23
From Viet Nam With Love Justin BieBer <3 Các Bạn VN like cho mình cái <3
WONG KAH HENG - Today, 05:23
justin bieber is overwhelmed now happy and relaxing