Melanie Martinez - Class Fight [Official Music Video]

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Kim Oanh Đỗ
Kim Oanh Đỗ Today, 16:09
😨😨😱😱😱😰😰😵😵😵😣😣oh my good
Rhiennafael Today, 15:34
I really love all your nice music ❤️
•Hey - Bear'S シ•
•Hey - Bear'S シ• Today, 15:21
I not Spike english sorry. . . I love you melanieSou brasileiro
MIA 817
MIA 817 Today, 15:09
Teacher:What The FuckMe:What The Hell
SOFIA LOREN Today, 14:35
Love melenie 😘😘😘😘
_*Gacha Becca*_
_*Gacha Becca*_ Today, 14:11
2:52 wtf!?!
felipe ubertTM
felipe ubertTM Today, 12:15
yandere chan
yandere chan Today, 10:59
L love it when your eyes go black you are magical great editing!
•L ā v ā x•
•L ā v ā x• Today, 09:02
This song never gets boring!Melanie's voice is perfect for roleplay dolls and haunted movies.. love ya ❤️
{Åbřįł_ 1Ø9}
{Åbřįł_ 1Ø9} Today, 08:16
shet we're go egein ;-; cry
noitsnotallan Today, 07:28
what the heck
Karina Nicole
Karina Nicole Today, 06:35
Angelita’s face was like “yassss” when Melanie started to choke that bitch Kelly with her braids lmao 💀
Karina Nicole
Karina Nicole Today, 06:33
The teacher causally doing lines of coke, while her students are fighting lmao
Mtto-Extruder Anguiplast
Mtto-Extruder Anguiplast Today, 06:21
Mtto-Extruder Anguiplast
Mtto-Extruder Anguiplast Today, 06:20
Kailee Guzman
Kailee Guzman Today, 05:52
I like that she wears sow many dresses but nobody calls her girly
star plays
star plays Today, 05:52
I love mealine!!!!
riverdale serpent
riverdale serpent Today, 05:11
0:25 Me thinking it was my stomach bc I'm hungry
MT7PLAYER [On] Today, 04:44
i love you Melanie Martinez🤩, y AM from brazil
kkare07 world
kkare07 world Today, 04:24
I didnt want to break it to you but your better than Billie Ellish
ROSALYND MAES Today, 03:56
All those dislikes are from kelly
Jencynn Russell
Jencynn Russell Today, 03:40
not joking but Kelly kinda looks like a KAREN
Xime Robles
Xime Robles Today, 03:20
Melanie be like:👁️👄👁️----👄-----⚫👄⚫
La_army xBTS
La_army xBTS Today, 03:09
Ja x prra
speloof Today, 02:42
Why is nobody talking about the teacher’s shoulder pads?
Samuel Arreola
Samuel Arreola Today, 02:27
Samuel Arreola
Samuel Arreola Today, 02:27
I love how her friend smiles when she’s getting choked and when the teacher says wtf
dani Today, 02:21
No one:Kelly: sToP! dOnT iNtErRuPt mE
spring bonnie or chara the deamon
spring bonnie or chara the deamon Today, 02:20
i sing this song in class and people just starei think i seem crazy cause i kept saying, "go for the throat"
Valina Luera
Valina Luera Today, 02:06
Lmao a student is getting jumped and cut up and the teacher is in her class doing a line of fucking coke
madie williamson
madie williamson Today, 01:35
I wish the movie was still free :(
Just Toucan
Just Toucan Today, 01:10
this might just me but i really prefer this version to the official audio. the extended instrumental interlude in the center is just so NICE on the ears. and the shift at the end is just so much more climatic. i LOVE both, but i really prefer this.
Carmidian Mourhn
Carmidian Mourhn Today, 00:56
Unik Cy
Unik Cy Today, 00:43
this ( 3:23 - 3:28 )part needs to be extended !!! i soo love the track.Hit Like if you Agree!
Mishel Piña
Mishel Piña Today, 00:21
Brurh kelly has the same thing and melanie
rocio chivi
rocio chivi Yesterday, 23:49
Love tu mucicOse como escribi eso soy de México
Valery Ramirez
Valery Ramirez Yesterday, 23:44
Why you dont put the film foe everyone i am a fan of you and i what the estrene
Char Her her
Char Her her Yesterday, 22:58
my favorite singer ❤️❤️
ėlètríc • mõõn
ėlètríc • mõõn Yesterday, 22:31
Principal: * whistles** video ends as the teacher acts like nothing happened*
[honey_foxx] Yesterday, 22:23
Such a pretty snake! I love the colors on it.
Destiny Pinson
Destiny Pinson Yesterday, 22:11
When it shows the part where the teacher is snorting coke I said "wtf?" Then when she saw the girls floating on the screen she said "wtf" straight after me🤣 lmaooo
Nadia Feliz 44
Nadia Feliz 44 Yesterday, 22:07
Is a great song
Chat Noir Fangirl
Chat Noir Fangirl Yesterday, 21:52
no one is gonna talk about the teacher doing cocaine in the classroom-ok
blue_ slimes
blue_ slimes Yesterday, 21:51
Кто тут русский?
bittersweet Yesterday, 21:41
Did anyone realize that the beat sounds like that energetic kid who beats his pencil on the desk?.. 🤭🤔🤗
Say Gacha
Say Gacha Yesterday, 21:26
2:31-244 Wow, did not expect this..😱😱😱😱
gacha oyku
gacha oyku Yesterday, 21:09
Türkler +1 Im turkhs sorry
DeadRabbitxx Yesterday, 21:06
Damn still with the stupid hair
Sophai Scribblez
Sophai Scribblez Yesterday, 21:00
Kelly: punches CrybabyEveryone: OMG what an evil bully!!!!Crybaby: goes for the throat and nearly chokes Kelly to deathEveryone: OMG what a queen! She doesn’t deserve any consequences for her actions, despite the fact that her actions were as bad, if not worse, as/than Kelly’sI’m not defending Kelly, but y’all shouldn’t be defending Crybaby/Melanie. Her actions and motives are just as shrewd and overall cliche/pointless as Kelly’s.Unpopular opinion: The writing for this movie sucks and there’s no strong moral to the entire thing. The music is great and the visuals are stunning. That’s the reason I stay.Sorry for the serious comment
Solange Teles
Solange Teles Yesterday, 17:39