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Miguel Gutiérrez navarrete
Miguel Gutiérrez navarrete Today, 15:56
Asu camila es lo máximo una diosa
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Today, 15:40
Easy impecavél, intocavél, perfeitoo!!
Aicha Amakrane
Aicha Amakrane Today, 15:39
I love this song amazing
bryiana salez
bryiana salez Today, 15:36
living proof é um hinoo💕💛
Yasmin Dias
Yasmin Dias Today, 14:08
Quem é BR da like
cнσcσlαтε cнιρ ༄
cнσcσlαтε cнιρ ༄ Today, 12:08
Anybody else picture stories in their head when they listen to music?
ji cabeyo
ji cabeyo Today, 11:19
Aline Almeida Drums
Aline Almeida Drums Today, 09:07
5,5 mil pessoas tem demência na cabeça.
Natália Ferreira Mendes
Natália Ferreira Mendes Today, 08:53
Música Camren
Alma Valenzuela
Alma Valenzuela Today, 08:33
Mi Favorita 😍
IguanasRules 44
IguanasRules 44 Today, 08:13
after living proofz
Keith Leveen
Keith Leveen Today, 07:24
Living proof brought me here
Evie Conner
Evie Conner Today, 05:30
this makes me want my crush.....😔😔😭😭
emy helmi
emy helmi Today, 03:18
anything else ?
Omar Noriega
Omar Noriega Yesterday, 23:22
Alexander Valverde
Alexander Valverde Yesterday, 20:32
This song🥺
Alexander Valverde
Alexander Valverde Yesterday, 20:32
This song🥺
Alexander Valverde
Alexander Valverde Yesterday, 20:32
This song🥺
Alexander Valverde
Alexander Valverde Yesterday, 20:31
This song🥺
Nouf. Yesterday, 17:48
Is boring
Pame Velázquez
Pame Velázquez Yesterday, 16:36
I love this song💕💕💕💕
Tudka BahGame
Tudka BahGame Yesterday, 12:55
Everett Allen
Everett Allen Yesterday, 01:51
makes me lonely, but i love it.
baby2911985 13 November 2019 23:39
I think that this song is about Matthew
Mikaylah Chevrier
Mikaylah Chevrier 13 November 2019 22:16
My New Favorite Song <3
Azad 13 November 2019 21:28
I don't know why arianators are hating on Camila She's such a great artist and she has a beautiful voice and her songs are all masterpiece And her videos are amazing
Marcio Dias
Marcio Dias 13 November 2019 06:14
Meu Deus Camila , que lindo Camz 💛💛💛 Vamos dar muito amor pra Easy e todo o álbum pessoal . EU TE AMO CAMZ
Jane Zhu The pro
Jane Zhu The pro 13 November 2019 06:01
Rejie Peñarubia
Rejie Peñarubia 13 November 2019 03:18
too late to realize that i should stan her
Angeli Maury
Angeli Maury 13 November 2019 00:57
Tahira Ahmed
Tahira Ahmed 13 November 2019 00:07
Im obsessed!
Als kk
Als kk 12 November 2019 12:57
i feel like this song is about how shawn making her like loving her is, the background is gree, like shawn's eyes, and cami is feeling calming, as a refrence that shawn's eyes gave her safe sound feelings(THEORY)
Stanley Lo
Stanley Lo 12 November 2019 08:33
Is it just me but this song is giving me major Fifty Shades movies vibes ?? The sounds seem to be perfect for that kind of movies
Charles Will Figure it out
Charles Will Figure it out 12 November 2019 06:54
Deserve to be the LEAD SINGLE!!!!
Faith Aileen Joy Rosete
Faith Aileen Joy Rosete 12 November 2019 06:11
Why there’s a lot of 👎🏻. I love this song 😍
shravan jadhav
shravan jadhav 12 November 2019 03:34
Seem so easy !!!
Dálmata Peligroso
Dálmata Peligroso 12 November 2019 03:10
@jerly Roa
Heart Full of love
Heart Full of love 12 November 2019 00:11
This song is so deep and nice. Perfect song fir a romance movie. Seems so easy.......🎶🎵 right?
ANA77 11 November 2019 20:25
que porr* de shawn mendes oq?
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman 11 November 2019 19:21
This is the kind of a song you might slow dance to at a junior highschool dance, my last junior highschool dance was around... 1985I'd be dancing to this one, such a beautiful and moody melody.
Viinod Vyas Official
Viinod Vyas Official 11 November 2019 18:00
Leslie Alvarado
Leslie Alvarado 11 November 2019 11:29
La mejor canción
Janvi Joyce
Janvi Joyce 11 November 2019 10:29
Love u Camilla Cabello
Jose RV
Jose RV 10 November 2019 17:18
*Used to this*Livin proof*Anyone*****First manSeñoritaLiarShamelessCry for meEasy
Tyler Fay
Tyler Fay 10 November 2019 04:02
ummmm where is the official video????? I WANT TO SEE IT
Rariane Leandra
Rariane Leandra 9 November 2019 23:30
linda musica
bryiana salez
bryiana salez 9 November 2019 20:52
Camilizers ????, create new Playlists to develop more views, all to help Camila earn more, come on? I count on you, goal of 20 million now, so who is a real fan and will help with this goal "climb here" in the comments🔥 💪
Viinod Vyas Official
Viinod Vyas Official 9 November 2019 19:19
william Aguiar
william Aguiar 9 November 2019 18:53
Popanda49 9 November 2019 18:17
Sweet song i have ever heard