Stray Kids "Double Knot" M/V

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yasmin Today, 15:39
double knot double knot
LilWeirdoGirl Today, 15:36
rara azzahrak
rara azzahrak Today, 15:29
Josie Villegas
Josie Villegas Today, 15:19
Are they for real they clouded their comeback 😑😂😂
Ang 3l
Ang 3l Today, 15:13
At 0:14 there is a big sign that says astronaut... they told us the song before even releasing it.....
Olinda Crispin Serpa
Olinda Crispin Serpa Today, 15:08
Stray Kids... Stay 30 M plisWoojin :(1M likes
Марина Оленченко
Марина Оленченко Today, 15:04
Обажаю группу street kids она мая группа! ¡!!!!!!
Asil Insan
Asil Insan Today, 14:50
Woojin 😭
zãng kruo
zãng kruo Today, 14:47
Felix so beautiful
zãng kruo
zãng kruo Today, 14:44
I love stray kids
Scarlet Otaku&Army_l
Scarlet Otaku&Army_l Today, 14:03
الرقص بآخر الاغنية عبارة عن اغماء جماعي🔥🔥😍
vanya adefa
vanya adefa Today, 13:53
“take off” okay👌
Julia Svyrydova
Julia Svyrydova Today, 13:45
So weid for me how many people didn't liked that song,cause I'm just starting to stan them and I listened to this song and I liked it so much even though I was not a fan.But I guess this is what happens when group has a freedom with their music and produce what they want and how they want. It is much easier when company writes a song for you,they know what people would like more and what song will be more succesfull.That's what I like about skz,they are doing their own thing.So sad that many people do not appreciate the fact that they produce a lot of music except of only singing and dancing,wich is really hard if you think how many things they did this year.
황 치열
황 치열 Today, 12:53
Who is Love Stray Kids .. Double Kont .. ♥ ♥ ♥ ... Like ♥
Magdalena Schirrmacher
Magdalena Schirrmacher Today, 12:14
That's cool but I'm forever bts army❤️❤️❤️🌸
Riin Lin
Riin Lin Today, 12:04
Riin Lin
Riin Lin Today, 12:04
real stray
real stray Today, 11:37
Stays, do you had done vote for them in AAA today?? If not, please do it. We want them to get what they deserve. You make stray kids stay!! ❤❤❤
foreign swaggers
foreign swaggers Today, 11:33
At 0:14 it says astronaut on the billboard and i just realized that this was an easter egg for their new comeback omg im so stupid to just realise this
Riin Lin
Riin Lin Today, 11:26
Riin Lin
Riin Lin Today, 11:16
Riin Lin
Riin Lin Today, 11:16
moon 0
moon 0 Today, 11:14
تترججمةة عربييه موجووودددد بمووتتت
Ida-Maria Hvid Larsen
Ida-Maria Hvid Larsen Today, 10:30
Park Kim Naty
Park Kim Naty Today, 10:21
Woojin... ;-; ;-;.... Mv fantastic
Elisabet Wulo
Elisabet Wulo Today, 10:21
So what, i miss woojin very much
JiminEila Today, 09:52
0:14 "astronaut" 😭
catfeline Today, 09:46
i keep playing this masterpiece😌🖤
sonny manigbas
sonny manigbas Today, 09:23
i did'nt came back here only because i miss woojin but also to see straykids ot9.... just want to share this part 0:14... they are spoiling us since then
Jerlyn's Zero Base
Jerlyn's Zero Base Today, 09:12
Can't believe that this will be the last song of SKZ with Woojin's voice.
Teodora Dimitric
Teodora Dimitric Today, 08:35
Everyone vote for stray kids on AAA they deserve so muchApp: STARPOLL
twicelegant Today, 08:24
0:15 look at the signboard "astronaut" 😏
This Is Mahika.
This Is Mahika. Today, 08:22
0:15 astrounaut✨
Seo Today, 08:20
So we were basically given a hint for Astronaut in this MV... Bruh moment
Ratu Alisa
Ratu Alisa Today, 08:14
Mi Iz
Mi Iz Today, 07:57
Please vote stray kids on STARPOLL app for AAA awards
kayla hao
kayla hao Today, 06:28
I literally just noticed that at like 0:13 a billboard with Astronaut is featured!Like was that a future comeback teaser?!?With BTS doing this, I really don't need this with Stray Kids
Mᥲɾꪚꪱᥣᥣᥱ Today, 06:27
K. Lee
K. Lee Today, 06:18
I can say SKZ and ateez are the only new groups making good songs...And yeah TXT are also amazingI wish even Treasure 13 debut soon
Rigel L.
Rigel L. Today, 06:13
0:14 was a spoiler.
christel Emma
christel Emma Today, 05:02
ooohhhh, astronaut I see you
sheena sabueso
sheena sabueso Today, 04:26
I just miss these 9 kiddos together 💚
Dinzly 01
Dinzly 01 Today, 04:26
Keep streaming guyss
morenagmwzzz gomez
morenagmwzzz gomez Today, 04:10
De nací xd
Glory Oladipo Omoyemwense
Glory Oladipo Omoyemwense Today, 04:07
Ugh2:02 is the most satisfying part. I-it’s like heavy breathing
Katelyn Today, 03:59
Perks of loving Stray Kids: not having to choose a bias because you are bias wrecked to much
Harifah 8581
Harifah 8581 Today, 03:33
FELIX very handsome
Mikasa Nctzen
Mikasa Nctzen Today, 03:03
Love Stray kids😎🤗
에블린Zan Today, 02:16
0:14 pusieron el trailer de astrunaut :O
el amor de tu vida beibe uwu
el amor de tu vida beibe uwu Today, 01:55
15:00 atronaut ????