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0 0 Today, 16:08
Mr. Fix
Mr. Fix Today, 16:06
It's a great!
Indrayani Shelke
Indrayani Shelke Today, 16:06
Memories ,lost stars, she will be loved... Classic english songs
Efizar Efizar
Efizar Efizar Today, 16:02
dimas dan Wildan
최동용 Today, 16:01
와 노래 진짜 좋다
Fitria H
Fitria H Today, 15:58
Recently, I find this song on spotify. I don't know what title this song before. I'm deeply sad today. And i feel like be better after i listen and sing this song. I don't have family to cherish and love me. I'm very thankful from writer this song :)
나영냠 Today, 15:58
너무 좋다 ㅠㅠㅠ
The Luc Pham
The Luc Pham Today, 15:58
dj razah
dj razah Today, 15:57
Start like a bob Marley song.... great song tho😍
Alex Duongbui
Alex Duongbui Today, 15:56
kemal ganteng
kemal ganteng Today, 15:56
Connor mc gregor can sing?
Abie skylark
Abie skylark Today, 15:53
Dubbing Jawa?
Dorian Dhimo
Dorian Dhimo Today, 15:52
Captain Price ....
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Today, 15:52
The melodies are extremely attractive.Love this song!!!
Sandrina Lammers
Sandrina Lammers Today, 15:51
First I thought it is a Song from Akon 😅 same style.
yema Pie
yema Pie Today, 15:50
Butthole Bandit
Butthole Bandit Today, 15:49
I cut my pp off and this reminds me of it
George James
George James Today, 15:48
Gab Valera
Gab Valera Today, 15:48
Yo, this song lead me back to my friends❤ ily guys🤗
Ann Baleje
Ann Baleje Today, 15:45
Best song ever memories is the best even worse sad memories you still don't want to forget those memories 😊
Tracy Gan
Tracy Gan Today, 15:42
Jorge Today, 15:38
Adam Levine - Girls Like You When Breakup Adam Levine - Memories 😀😀
Slick-O-Nick Today, 15:36
I Think He ACTUALLY Got Emotional During The Recording, Did He?!
chania lieng
chania lieng Today, 15:35
Finlandball 1
Finlandball 1 Today, 15:34
This song made me deppresed about all my past actions...
Slick-O-Nick Today, 15:34
So Emotional ;-;
NiceBackbo Harrybar
NiceBackbo Harrybar Today, 15:34
NATSU VILL Today, 15:33
here's the lyrics
B in
B in Today, 15:32
한국인은 오시오
its a prank guys
its a prank guys Today, 15:31
wtf that is so accurate
tsimao14 Today, 15:31
Vikings new season right here
Erikas Stankus
Erikas Stankus Today, 15:30
I dont know but i love this song and i play roblox with this song Tower Of Hell🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😉😉
sajad hussine
sajad hussine Today, 15:26
memorise bring back memories bring back you shark do do do do
SHARIYAR KHAN Today, 15:26
so hard to take this seriously when he looks like kratos
Gamer Hybrid
Gamer Hybrid Today, 15:25
Joseph Seed ?
ken alivio
ken alivio Today, 15:23
Here's to the One that we got,Wakay Uyab Kay Baho Kag [email protected] #If you lost your memories would that still be you?#HitLikeIfYouLoveTHISSONG
idk whatsmyname
idk whatsmyname Today, 15:22
my memories was my dad died 18 years ago it was so sad i have loss him that time😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫
HACKER Today, 15:22
This song is for me. Not literally. But I had a girlfriend and we always played roblox and I always listend to maroon 5 when we where playing. We broke up and it hurt me. Like a lot more then physical pain. And this song says it all.
MoonMaidenPriestess Today, 15:20
So... The chorus definitely sounds like "I'm Mr. Meeseeks" by Royish...
zunair zafar
zunair zafar Today, 15:19
it's like pachelbel's conon IN. hit like if you felt the same
Faris Aniq
Faris Aniq Today, 15:19
Video on Youtube : existLike beggar : allow us to introduce ourselves
sponge craft
sponge craft Today, 15:18
i break up with my girlfriend and i hear this song so sad i can't move onn😭😭😭
JRN``rumie``` -tsha-
JRN``rumie``` -tsha- Today, 15:17
Anjay suaranya,,,,kontol yg tegang jadi tenang:v
jiminsnooder _
jiminsnooder _ Today, 15:15
This is the rIgHT SONg for me when missing someone or broken
The Roy
The Roy Today, 15:14
32k dislikes! Seriously!?
Lopi anz
Lopi anz Today, 15:14
this is song like a Canon Rock
Rastko Manasic
Rastko Manasic Today, 15:12
2:31 and 2:41 Doo Do Do Doo....
L O L Today, 15:11
At least Maroon 5 proves it's still possible to get a song not about sex to over 100M views
Thuy Tran thi
Thuy Tran thi Today, 15:10
Adela Perez del Viso
Adela Perez del Viso Today, 15:10
More music on the Pachelbel Canon !! That basic Canon is a source of music !