The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

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Calrid Robnor
Calrid Robnor Today, 11:57
This song gives me chills every time I here it, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and this song just makes me weep. I know they never wrote it about SAD but we all feel a little down when winter comes on, it's to do with seratonin production and Re-uptake inhibitors in the brain and the relation to melanin, meh who cares. Today, 11:08
This song makes me remember this crazy time ive had a awhile back some time ago when my fiance left me for a bee.
Prcntage Today, 10:25
Wil Smith
Wil Smith Today, 07:44
Amazing this song is the # 1 Beatles download...George's revenge
Micaela Barría
Micaela Barría Today, 05:08
que lindo tema
Lillyuana Henderson
Lillyuana Henderson Today, 05:04
Bernard Py
Bernard Py Today, 02:18
It's very nice and i will love this song forever.......
Sarah Today, 01:43
This is such an uplifting song it reminds me of warm spring days when its finally changing seasons and the sun is on your face and you just feel joy
Esthère Ada Ndjolo
Esthère Ada Ndjolo Today, 01:15
La belle musique la belle époque qui me rappelle mon enfance 😭
angel fernandez
angel fernandez Today, 00:44
I will listen to this song all my voice
Rel Sci
Rel Sci Today, 00:05
All hail George Harrison
Jeffrey Lear
Jeffrey Lear Yesterday, 23:19
Listening to this is like seeing an old friend...
jim catalfamo
jim catalfamo Yesterday, 23:08
U know they still don't know how they created the 3d effect in the yellow submarine
Nikhil Jain
Nikhil Jain Yesterday, 22:27
Whenever i listen to this song I feel like my mother has huged me and has taken all problems of mine 😭😭
Sprite fan 2000
Sprite fan 2000 Yesterday, 22:14
My favorite George Harrison song of all time!
unknown being
unknown being Yesterday, 21:30
you know paul mademit because everyone else died.
Severino Yesterday, 20:20
Do do do do
Stef Kane
Stef Kane Yesterday, 19:23
I'm crying, love them so much
The Wiggly Play Guys - Official
The Wiggly Play Guys - Official Yesterday, 18:18
im in the mood to by those guitars
Dark Knightt
Dark Knightt Yesterday, 17:26
Jennifer Simmons
Jennifer Simmons Yesterday, 16:21
There isn’t a more perfect song
C.VILLAMIN Yesterday, 13:36
This song will make you happy👇
Ekka Valentinaa
Ekka Valentinaa Yesterday, 13:29
Okin bring me here
Tereza Pavlíčková
Tereza Pavlíčková Yesterday, 11:09
2:20 ❤
Luix :D
Luix :D Yesterday, 07:37
Fun Fact: it ends with harrison's smile probably cause he's the one behind this song
Corey Oldknow
Corey Oldknow Yesterday, 07:24
You feel as the day is beginning again
男荒谷 Yesterday, 05:58
Roberto De Capitani
Roberto De Capitani Yesterday, 05:39
Conheci essa música no operação cupido, mais alguém?
Juan Pablo Anaya Sierra
Juan Pablo Anaya Sierra Yesterday, 05:23
Agustin Fratangelo
Agustin Fratangelo Yesterday, 05:20
2:46 que onda perro?
ChicWebb Yesterday, 05:04
What a horrible mix of a great classic!
Tristian Sanchez
Tristian Sanchez Yesterday, 04:41
When I was a kid I really didn’t care for this song at all when I first started listening to the beatles, but since I’ve gotten older for the past few years I’ve learned to appreciate this song for the message it brings and it makes me feel happy when I’m feeling down it’s like a big hug for your ears and gahhh this music video hit me in the feels bad but it was happy feels haha ❤️✌️
99.9%ofHumanMalesareWhores Yesterday, 03:40
still satanic
straightforward Yesterday, 03:35
Lovely! :D
Felton Bock
Felton Bock Yesterday, 03:31
I Love This Song . It makes my Day . Peace Out
jeon. Yesterday, 02:59
This a good song to listen to when you’re sad, the sun will come and brighten up your darkest days. :(
Phobos Maelstrom
Phobos Maelstrom Yesterday, 01:29
I feel like you could definitely use this song in a horror movie but as a broken static-y version after some kind of 30 days of night type thing and the last survivors are just looking over the wreck and tragedy left behind from the previous night and this song comes in as a kind of sad irony, they're happy that it's over, but the coming of the sun will never change all that they've lost.
Bracketsboxpalace Yesterday, 01:25
All the dislikes came from bts fans
Pro Play 123
Pro Play 123 Yesterday, 00:22
Omy Sahye
Omy Sahye 19 October 2019 23:58
GOD you warm our heart, Paul I can only wish you the BEST of the BEST. That tenderness that you share is forever WARM. Thank you Thank you Thank yo so much from Paris . Omy
Zolar Czakl
Zolar Czakl 19 October 2019 23:24
Young people today can certainly enjoy the catchy songs that were The Beatles, but to be around when the albums and songs were new, back in the 60s, was a special place.To really appreciate The Beatles is to know what else was on pop radio at the time.The Beatles was new, fresh and timeless right from the start. Much better than most of the rest of the pop drivel on at the time. Also, they influenced many of their contemporaries to play better and more elaborate, furthering the possibilities of mere "rock" music into more interesting realms and genres.Also, it is important to note that The Beatles went on Ed Sullivan a mere 11 weeks after JFK was killed. The country was in a funk. Personally, I was not even four years old when JFK happened and I have no personal memory of the country's horror over it, but I have older brothers and was sat down in front of the old black and white TV to watch The Beatles, and while still not even four, I do remember that. The Beatles came along just in time to lift the spirits of the nation and the world. Of course, you can still just enjoy their catchy songs today as well.
Zolar Czakl
Zolar Czakl 19 October 2019 23:14
The really crazy thing about The Beatles is that, all huge as they were in the 60s and their influence is still present, they really only lasted as a band for around eight years, if you want to go back as far as '62 when Ringo joined and they became the fab four we all know.They really got the big worldwide fame after being on Ed Sullivan in Feb. '64, so if you want to use that as a timeline, only six years from superstardom to splitting up. That said, they quit touring or playing any live performances (aside from the famous Abbey Road rooftop concert in '69) in 1966. I have always admired them, however, for sticking to their guns on the matter. They no doubt were offered a lot of money many times in the 70s to get together again but never did. Individual members worked with others in the studio, but never all of them together on any given project until the three of them recorded a tribute to John after his death. All Those Years Ago by George Harrison in 1981 featured Paul and Ringo. Somebody once asked me what I think the Beatles would sound like if they remained a band into the 70s. I said "Probably like what their individual albums and songs sounded like, only played together instead of with other musicians. Paul would've written Uncle Albert as a Beatle. John would write Mother as a Beatle, George's *My Sweet Lord*, and so on." The greatest band in history whose influence will go on for generations to come and they only lasted for between six and eight years, and not faded away for lack of new material.I find that fact amazing.
Marcell Pacskó
Marcell Pacskó 19 October 2019 22:16
2:27 The Demolotion Man (1993) Rat Burger scene.. :D
Rusty No. 5
Rusty No. 5 19 October 2019 22:14
Take that today’s music, you’re not special anymore.
Aayush Shah
Aayush Shah 19 October 2019 22:09
The video gives me some beautiful vibes, happy and sad as well. Happy for the beautiful old times, sad since Beatles aren't making beautiful music for over 50 years now.
j b
j b 19 October 2019 21:45
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza 19 October 2019 20:00
Like: The BeatlesIgnore: Drake
XbirdgirlX 19 October 2019 17:42
1.9k dislikes? I don't understand that.
nadel0219 19 October 2019 17:24
I'm crying happy tears. I love The Beatles!
Susana Emmanuelle
Susana Emmanuelle 19 October 2019 16:39
Que bello video!!! Gracias!!! 💜✨