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Angy Contreras
Angy Contreras Today, 16:00
Dios mio que guapo esta siwon
Nathanael Choo
Nathanael Choo Today, 15:59
11 107 507 (+1 345 689)
Ahmad Albab
Ahmad Albab Today, 14:57
Stevanus Richard
Stevanus Richard Today, 14:55
1:33 it is super relief, heechul still got a part, Ye Yei Yeaaaa...
Medan Asahan
Medan Asahan Today, 13:25
Tammy Sanchez
Tammy Sanchez Today, 13:21
Elf let's go to vote 🆘⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠Don't forget to support our boys at the AAA The voting coclude on Nov 22If you want to vote you need to installed an appI'm gonna put the link here :For android : IOS :
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Today, 13:16
Berta/s Hit Chart11/15/2019Top 1Last: 1 Peak: 1(2x)
Shir Cohen
Shir Cohen Today, 13:10
Oooooohhhh myyyyyyy godddddddd
Macaraon Yeas
Macaraon Yeas Today, 12:24
Aulia Febriani
Aulia Febriani Today, 11:49
Super Duper ACE
Super Duper ACE Today, 11:13
yeahhh heyyy yeaaa
Wik Jabrig
Wik Jabrig Today, 11:07
Siwon so Handsome
블위 Today, 11:00
1:36 파트가 너무 좋아 이것만 계속듣고싶다...진짜 ㅠㅠㅠ
侯凡凡 Today, 10:50
so good
KRY in 2019
KRY in 2019 Today, 10:07
Everyone who works hard for [email protected], I'm very thankful ...I'm so busy at work. Only have a weekends to [email protected] :(
Thanu Padma
Thanu Padma Today, 09:41
I must be crazy as this is on repeat 😭❤️
Luna Kafri
Luna Kafri Today, 09:32
SJ no.1 in my Heart #ArabElf #SuperJunior Greetings from Syria 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾💖💖💖
jb 07
jb 07 Today, 09:04
Super junior fighting
Luciana Cahuana
Luciana Cahuana Today, 08:51
Vamos por los 20 millones.
Ivana Diaz
Ivana Diaz Today, 08:38
Me hace recordar "Swing"
Hime Aluna
Hime Aluna Today, 07:41
Super Junior is Super Moodbooster
rocio garcia loza
rocio garcia loza Today, 07:39
Va de nuevo , modo super clap antes de dormir ;)
Angie Alvarez
Angie Alvarez Today, 07:38
¿Quién sigue diario aquí? ^.^
Leen Awaity
Leen Awaity Today, 07:22
Why are the views low????
james bond
james bond Today, 07:01
james bond
james bond Today, 06:59
The fact= super junior is a child stuck in man body
elison tiong
elison tiong Today, 06:16
I very like this song & sorry sorry!! listening everyday!!
Isabel María Santiago Díaz
Isabel María Santiago Díaz Today, 05:47
mujaa m
mujaa m Today, 05:09
11M √12M GO!!
Ena Kiseky Arrow
Ena Kiseky Arrow Today, 04:31
Super talented!
Nurul Safraa
Nurul Safraa Today, 04:06
SM = long lasting group!!!!
Nurul Safraa
Nurul Safraa Today, 04:05
It such a bop and catchy af!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hae95It Today, 03:52
Por fin 11 millones...Vamos.Sigamos apoyando a los chicos.
star Night
star Night Today, 03:35
將電視關掉每天都如出一轍Bad Bad Bad News 將氣氛點燃舉起雙手Let's make sometning good如荆棘般刺在腦海和你指間Trouble所有Trouble 只一瞬間就消失在你手中Like bubble破碎不見。 天資聰慧才情過人 與眾不同 風趣愉快。將煩悶的心情都請倾吐而出吧Three Two One 。Oh.baby腦子一片空白l got th got ya got ya 像瘋子一樣,l want you want you want you撼動這個世界叫醒他吧, 將身體交給節奏 大家一起Super Clap跟隨我吧Super Clap全部一起Super clapSUPER Clap正合適的 氣氛 Hit the bass Let's hit the bass 身體對拍手聲作出反應, 全都身體搖擺起舞 扭動腰肢和胸膛 把舞台變成派對 氣氛直衝雲天 你還不來一起玩嗎 隨著流淌的拍子和節拍 煩惱凍結調高音量 拂走所有煩悶的心情 three two one。Oh Baby 沒有任何想法 (I got ya, got ya, got ya) 瘋了一樣 Do it again (I want you, want you, want you) 撼動這個世界 叫醒我吧 將身體交給節奏 大家一起 SUPER Clap (Clap, Clap) 跟我一起 SUPER Clap (Clap, Clap) 全都 SUPER Clap 跟我一起 SUPER Clap (Clap, Clap) 全都 SUPER Clap *(直衝雲霄Let it go讓你爆發Boom Boom Boom 忍耐着的我們一起將這個世界撼動一起瘋狂SUPER CIap )表白B站淺光百藍翻譯
Vee Today, 03:30
Super : ClapSuper : SongSuper : DanceSuper : MVSuper Junior Super ELF 💙💙💙
Patrisha Carrillo
Patrisha Carrillo Today, 02:20
Aranah Today, 02:03
My Super Junior please be healthy and happy always 🌻🌻🌻
Tammy Sanchez
Tammy Sanchez Today, 02:02
ELF votemos !!⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️No olviden ir apoyar a nuestros chicos en los premios AAALas votaciones terminan el 22 de NoviembrePara poder votar necesitan instalar esta app por aquí dejare en enlace , vamos a dar nuestro mejor esfuerzo ,Fighting !!! 💙💙💙Link app:
Rojas Claudia Ines
Rojas Claudia Ines Today, 01:56
11.038.755 20:56 Argentina
Rojas Claudia Ines
Rojas Claudia Ines Today, 01:55
Los adoro....
Rojas Claudia Ines
Rojas Claudia Ines Today, 01:54
Vamos!!!!!!! hasta los 20 M y de ahí a los.40 M!!! Vamos. ELFs !!!!!!!!!!
Elisa Gutierrez
Elisa Gutierrez Today, 01:51
mis chinos favoritos los amooo mucho
R Ali
R Ali Today, 01:34
Suju for ever
R Ali
R Ali Today, 01:33
حبايب قلبي للابد
Marleni Rodríguez
Marleni Rodríguez Today, 01:10
ELF vota por super junior en topmusic univers awardsNos van ganando por pocos votos please
rocio garcia loza
rocio garcia loza Yesterday, 23:44
Yea!! Ahora vamos 12M
The Dori
The Dori Yesterday, 23:28
Uffff uwu
Monica Jaqueline perez
Monica Jaqueline perez Yesterday, 23:25
Los amooooooo
namjinoca Yesterday, 23:20
can someone pls explain to me why heechul doesnt join the dance part os sujus lastest mvs?
Ena Kiseky Arrow
Ena Kiseky Arrow Yesterday, 23:17
Sigamos, vamos, ánimo!