Harry Styles - Lights Up (Official Video)

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Kankanit Pumwong
Kankanit Pumwong Today, 15:56
Can't really wait for what's coming next!
Labdhi Bavishi
Labdhi Bavishi Today, 15:47
Who r here after zayn light me up....1k likes
Blue Stars
Blue Stars Today, 14:09
What do you mean I’m sorryyy by the wayyyyy
DJ Mercado
DJ Mercado Today, 14:02
Shawn Mendes: Lights OnHarry Styles: Lights Up
Girl Almighty
Girl Almighty Today, 13:54
I can listen to this song whatever my mood is.
Girl Almighty
Girl Almighty Today, 13:53
One of the best song I've ever heard ❤️
Katie Mullarkey
Katie Mullarkey Today, 13:45
sweet girl on internet
sweet girl on internet Today, 13:17
Why is he so underrated I don't understand
Taetanie Today, 13:10
i know he smells like art
tokinto yeptho naga sumi
tokinto yeptho naga sumi Today, 13:10
Dude got a fucking voice without vocal....lmfao
Sreejith Ts
Sreejith Ts Today, 12:44
Who is here after zayns flames
Humma Nargis
Humma Nargis Today, 12:33
Plese 1d come back together 👇this is how many people want it
Vanessa Fitzmaurice
Vanessa Fitzmaurice Today, 12:03
I thank God every day for allowing me to live at the same time as Harry Styles
Kristell Fernández
Kristell Fernández Today, 11:35
Nea Gressë
Nea Gressë Today, 11:16
Do you know who you are?😈😈😈😈😈😈
artbyvirginiaw Today, 11:00
Gotdam you beautiful
I’m shooketh to the Core
I’m shooketh to the Core Today, 10:19
I wanna be involved in this orgy
Gwen Styles
Gwen Styles Today, 08:36
Harry knows what he's doing, and i really support him....❤🎶❤🎶❤
Gwen Styles
Gwen Styles Today, 08:35
Harry knows what he's doing, and i really support him....❤🎶❤🎶❤
Gwen Styles
Gwen Styles Today, 08:35
Harry knows what he's doing, and i really support him....❤🎶❤🎶❤
alliza shadrina
alliza shadrina Today, 08:31
His voice sounds like zayn here omg
SONG LOVER Today, 08:11
Zayn - light me upHarry- lights up 🔥😍💖
junu Basnet
junu Basnet Today, 07:59
Harry:lights upZayn:light me upMe:Hmmm
Mahadev Mainali
Mahadev Mainali Today, 07:32
Harry: lights upZayn: light me up
Rody Can May
Rody Can May Today, 07:30
Cancún yeahhhh
Jacey Klein
Jacey Klein Today, 07:29
I'm getting David Bowie vibes
Jalicia Babylon
Jalicia Babylon Today, 06:41
i love you. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me without knowing you're doing it.
Anna Paula Gallo
Anna Paula Gallo Today, 06:03
Quién más le está haciendo la guardia por si sube la premiere de Watermelon Sugar?
LITTLE THINGS Today, 05:44
How to add colourful border in instagram profile pictureVideo link : https://youtu.be/4rfdruhOAeIWant #support
Cielo A
Cielo A Today, 05:32
This is my ex best friends favorite song. I listen to it when I miss her and the memories. But she hurt me and left. Its better this way
Jill Voyton
Jill Voyton Today, 04:48
Canal da min
Canal da min Today, 04:27
Manoooo! A Joalin (do now united) tá aí nesse clipe!!!!!!
Amelia Jones
Amelia Jones Today, 04:07
Ben Clifford
Ben Clifford Today, 03:58
He's so fucking perfect!
Harjodh Mann
Harjodh Mann Today, 03:48
Z V Today, 03:43
Woah, this is good. Just listened and watched for the very first time. Where have I been? Imagine if this guy didn't get into music. We'd have missed out in this loveliness. It's so mature yet futuristic. Go on Styles, you lucky, free, loved, bloody famous person . #AllTheLights #Vibey #DoYooKnowWhoYouAre #NewHarryStylesFanHere 😁
Harriet Harold
Harriet Harold Today, 03:14
The song gets better with headphone... try if you haven't done it... you will agree☺ harry is sooo talented. He is not only goodlooking 💟
Alondra Gutierrez
Alondra Gutierrez Today, 02:56
Already a great song alone, but put on headphone and damn... fucking hypnotizing
Ivinny Vanni
Ivinny Vanni Today, 02:49
Quem tá aqui pela Joalin?
Denise Motta
Denise Motta Today, 01:50
amor de mi vida
pietro games
pietro games Today, 00:14
Brasil '-'
nadia ftz
nadia ftz Today, 00:02
loz munizipalez
giorgio bellani
giorgio bellani Yesterday, 23:53
Porco dio
Katie Edwards
Katie Edwards Yesterday, 23:12
it’s scary how many people harry styles left jobless
Jill Moss
Jill Moss Yesterday, 22:35
Diana THINGSS Yesterday, 22:05
Diana THINGSS Yesterday, 22:04
Apostolis Mamakos
Apostolis Mamakos Yesterday, 22:00
Im obsessed.
Barbara G.
Barbara G. Yesterday, 21:57