Bebe Rexha - You Can't Stop The Girl (Official Music Video)

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Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha 15 October 2019 20:15
#YouCantStopTheGirl video is out now! You are capable of anything and everything! Thank you to these amazing girls for running with me and supporting me 🖤
Pearlson Hawkins
Pearlson Hawkins Today, 15:57
wai there is malefique ?
Rachel R
Rachel R Today, 15:10
I see a MuslimI see a plus size womenI see a disabled womenI see women of all colour,shape and size represented.I see freedomI see acceptanceLuv yaaa.....u r a true artist😍
Melek Candan
Melek Candan Today, 15:04
It's such a beautiful song that I love it😄😄☘
SM The Music
SM The Music Today, 14:40
Like = Peace 💖Comment = Love 💕
giselle viljoen
giselle viljoen Today, 12:58
Who likes this song
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Today, 12:32
Berta's Hit Chart11/15/2019Top 12Last: 11Peak: 11
Anya Stapleton
Anya Stapleton Today, 12:15
auto tune i’m sorry
Leon Kurtolli
Leon Kurtolli Today, 12:13
Knaqesi me te Ndegjuar
Misbah Ahmad
Misbah Ahmad Today, 12:11
Sapa yg x like tu mmg jht
unique youtuber
unique youtuber Today, 09:51
I can't stop the girl from giong and other huh didn't you thinked bout me lol
john hand
john hand Today, 08:30
her boobs are getting bigger
Ryan B
Ryan B Today, 08:17
Good song but I hope she paid for her melody. 90s song Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger.......Totally their melody, just saying.
Handoko Family
Handoko Family Today, 07:56
I love how you have a muslim women because I’m muslim
Santiago Nas
Santiago Nas Today, 07:30
Rainbow Today, 07:12
What a gorgeous song!!!!!
Adilene Mireles
Adilene Mireles Today, 06:17
i love it because it tells you to never GIVE UP😭😭😭
Cal C
Cal C Today, 06:00
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:45
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:44
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:44
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:44
_Amo muito💕
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:43
kwan 1847
kwan 1847 Today, 04:43
Ana Clara Gacha
Ana Clara Gacha Today, 03:58
Melevola's fan. I am also ^ - ^. I'm from Brazil, pleasure
MargoTriesToYouTube 96
MargoTriesToYouTube 96 Today, 03:56
This song is basically a summary of malificent
Edgardo Lopez
Edgardo Lopez Today, 01:46
Just beautiful ! Bravo Bebe!
Harry Nac
Harry Nac Today, 00:53
@davina michelle cover this lovely song 😍
Yogirlnessa 10
Yogirlnessa 10 Today, 00:49
This sounds like empire by shakira lol
Rida Syeda
Rida Syeda Today, 00:48
I see copy right of diamond heart by Alan walker. Other than that this is a good song.
Skooma #
Skooma # Today, 00:21
Wozu Autotune? hast du nicht nötig.
Guzel guzlar 222
Guzel guzlar 222 Yesterday, 22:33
The best song ever I see a girl with hijab wawww😍😍
Zahraa907 Yesterday, 19:36
Amazing as always bebe❤️❤️
Adomta x
Adomta x Yesterday, 19:15
john arnel soccoro
john arnel soccoro Yesterday, 18:49
Its just a campaign
David - Lev
David - Lev Yesterday, 18:36
Nice video👏🏽👏🏼😍❤
Little Angel
Little Angel Yesterday, 17:54
i  was at the cinema for ''Maleficent 2'', and at the ending i imidiatly recognised your voice xD
kaew Kulki
kaew Kulki Yesterday, 15:50
I very like she sound.
Brian's Perú
Brian's Perú Yesterday, 14:33
Damn. All that makeup and she's still only a 6.
Syarmila Habil
Syarmila Habil Yesterday, 13:13 cant stop the Meleficent😅😜😜😜👍
sel george
sel george Yesterday, 13:01
She's so pretty
joni kejani
joni kejani Yesterday, 13:01
sel george
sel george Yesterday, 13:00
Very powerful voice💗😊
janissaire111 Yesterday, 11:53
I found the second Maleifcient a littte bit to childish, like please just kill that queen. Oh also, great song once again :D
Victoria Amohafo
Victoria Amohafo Yesterday, 11:38
wow this amazing am really touched. I see the woman in hijab and the disabled and all others ,this is really great it says a lot about us women and our challenges but they can't stop us.
Sophie Hallam
Sophie Hallam Yesterday, 10:38
Me in maths class: thinking about this video
Ahmad Syarif
Ahmad Syarif Yesterday, 10:13
I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Aireen Azhani
Aireen Azhani Yesterday, 05:33
This song is littt 🔥🔥🔥Who agree like
memer world
memer world Yesterday, 04:25
ÜMÅ ÅŁƏÅŤØŘÏÅ ;-; Yesterday, 02:32