XXXTENTACION - Royalty (Official Video) (feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel)

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Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Today, 11:26
Kings always return to the home Land..
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Today, 11:26
He's chilling somewhere in Jamaica
some guy that wants subs
some guy that wants subs Today, 09:55
Didnt he say in an interview that he was also kinda syrian
10,000 subscribers without a video
10,000 subscribers without a video Today, 08:17
It doesn't matter when you're here x will love you in 2019, 2020, 2021 and forever on
Ubito Today, 08:15
Who the fuck r these people
Ditditto The Dark Lxrd
Ditditto The Dark Lxrd Today, 06:21
Vybz kartel snapped only Jamaicans know though lol
David Shettleworth
David Shettleworth Today, 06:02
RIP X 1998-2018😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
-D_ MolinaTM-
-D_ MolinaTM- Today, 05:50 live "X" Forever ... 2019
Kermit V!DS
Kermit V!DS Today, 05:15
So x didnt die oof
yonatan ulises rafael escalante gonzalez
yonatan ulises rafael escalante gonzalez Today, 05:02
My penis is unbelievably small but ,
My penis is unbelievably small but , Today, 04:49
Stop releasing music videos if you are not going to make them incredible
Noah455765 Today, 04:46
Are these people speaking English? I can’t tell
Jose Roberto Batista Fernandez
Jose Roberto Batista Fernandez Today, 03:48
Can you guys stop using X's name to get cash? like let him rest in peace.
Alfred Stephens
Alfred Stephens Today, 03:45
It's been too long since for a banger like this.
JACK WINTER Today, 03:25
I thought he was dead?
Jean-Pierre Hewitt
Jean-Pierre Hewitt Yesterday, 23:28
Who the fuck is the fake kartel
Cranycane Dimples
Cranycane Dimples Yesterday, 22:16
Gjermund Fougner
Gjermund Fougner Yesterday, 21:58
nice job selling out his name
FaZe Flame
FaZe Flame Yesterday, 21:12
the music industry is milking jahseh for the money. x has never even meet these people before he died and all of a sudden he has features with them... ? smh , llj </3
esau sebastian hernandez hernandez
esau sebastian hernandez hernandez Yesterday, 21:11
No esque estaba muerto que pedos ??
Unicornplayzz Baker
Unicornplayzz Baker Yesterday, 20:44
Xxx dead body still making music for him
TSW_RyZe Yesterday, 20:17
When x opens his eyes that hit me in heart:(
WS RODRIGUES Yesterday, 19:50
Ja faz um ano que vc se foi
queenira Yesterday, 19:00
I don't like that posthumous exploitation of X, but the song is actually quite good...Still...
Xrhstos Triantafillidis
Xrhstos Triantafillidis Yesterday, 17:55
Is x alive ?
даниил кукушкин
даниил кукушкин Yesterday, 17:39
так , русские , давайте наберём много лайков что бы англичане думали что тут напиисанно что то важное ))
jyoti chitte
jyoti chitte Yesterday, 17:20
Why Bad Vibes Forever When There Can be good Vibes Forever
XxzSTAT ixX Yesterday, 16:00
- Raiten
- Raiten Yesterday, 15:42
Of Course he died...
Tråkigt Som fan
Tråkigt Som fan Yesterday, 15:37
When will X have his next concert?
Gabriel Vitor
Gabriel Vitor Yesterday, 15:07
Ué, e essa batida de funk aí??
Edgaras Pugačiovas
Edgaras Pugačiovas Yesterday, 14:13
fuck the Fat rats ky mani.
MS Лисёнок
MS Лисёнок Yesterday, 12:59
Разве он не сдох?
WieruX Yesterday, 12:34
roll in peace x
sbo togel
sbo togel Yesterday, 11:57
MR LCS Yesterday, 11:26
I think xxxtentacion should be changed from just an artist to a record label.
Lilly Mashal
Lilly Mashal Yesterday, 09:30
Who else miss the real xxtention😞😞
nedema Yesterday, 09:13
this song is fckn trash
Benjamin Sakyi
Benjamin Sakyi Yesterday, 09:11
Mama milking her own dead son so bad she bought yeezysNo love or respect for ya own son 😔
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis Yesterday, 08:47
Big tune!!!!!!!!
Donita Yesterday, 07:38
Me parece mal lo que hacen con la imagen de X literalmente lo están prostituyendo para hacer a famosos a artistas que nadie había escuchado nunca , espero que no salga más música de colaboraciónes con artistas menos reconocidos y dándole fama por X .#LongLifeX
TIO DARYL Yesterday, 07:03
é incrivel como algumas pessoas esqueceram do X...antes pegava bilhoes,milhoes de visu. hj pegou 6...
Andrea Christ
Andrea Christ Yesterday, 06:00
100% demonic gay frenzied, child rapists, tortures, murderers, humping corpses with slim from head to toe, canibals, sh-t eating, tampon terrorists, screaming rages of demonic JEALOUSY in every direction, including animals. Totally racist, God and Jesus hating demons of the earth, aids, herpes, vagina infections, 100% and 100% of the time. ITCHY rotting parasite ass-ss from eating sh-t , rotting human and animal flesh and sticking anything they can find up their ass-ss INCLUDING body parts of others, like penis's that they also eat, toes, hampsters, mice ETC. ALL IN THIS VIDEO EXCEPT THE POOR ABUSED ANMIMALS IN THE BACKGROUND that are being raped and beaten until death like they do babies from newborn on UP Incorperated in their everyday "lives" until HELL. ALL RUNNY ASSESS, ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG. tampon terrorist
Uh Ha ha
Uh Ha ha Yesterday, 05:36
Seems like a song on 2k playlist
GamingWithM0NK3Y Yesterday, 05:09
I miss Xxxtentacion when he died
Adactylous Yesterday, 04:48
swear on my life i will do better
boom bang
boom bang Yesterday, 04:28
This song releases dopamine for. My brain
tezi dikombe
tezi dikombe Yesterday, 04:23
Who is better x or Niki like for x ignore for niki
mcmcmcm Yesterday, 04:12
i dont know who xxxtentacion was but vybz verse is legendary
Jennifer Yesterday, 03:43