TWICE "Feel Special" M/V

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Smol Sana is Pomu
Smol Sana is Pomu Today, 12:54
170,048***Vote dauly in all awrds shows, Fighting🍭💕
Anita Rohim
Anita Rohim Today, 12:49
1:25 1:28Liriknya coba dengerinKaya gini ni:JungkookSuga JinHoesokNamjeonBiar lebih jelas pake efek lambat0,25×
Gaming kh
Gaming kh Today, 12:44
Let's go once
D E Today, 12:30
Yess 170M
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Today, 12:25
30M to go before it hits 200M
Nickay Kpoper
Nickay Kpoper Today, 12:20
i love them all
Hank huang
Hank huang Today, 12:14
170M ❤
bart barton
bart barton Today, 12:08
170 : ) : )
I don't know
I don't know Today, 12:07
170MCongratulations to Twice and Once 🤗
Vanessa Carl Fortaleza
Vanessa Carl Fortaleza Today, 11:44
Let's go for 200m! Whose with me?👇Fighting! Now 170M and 2.9M likeys💓
Duyên !?!?
Duyên !?!? Today, 11:39
Fighting 200M !!!!!!!
Duyên !?!?
Duyên !?!? Today, 11:39
Fransle Ferrer
Fransle Ferrer Today, 11:35
Happy 170M views and 2.9M likes keep it up ‘ONCE’🎉
k t
k t Today, 11:35
Norman Fucking Rockwell
Norman Fucking Rockwell Today, 11:32
顏蘊華 Today, 11:28
Azfar03 Official
Azfar03 Official Today, 11:22
170 millions 😍🍭
Piyush Rahi
Piyush Rahi Today, 11:21
Caption is even in hindi and this proves that they are aware that majority of the audience of their channel is Indian people
Jaime De Torres
Jaime De Torres Today, 11:18
I keep on streaming, cause this phone that I using is my old phone and I using this for streaming twice's mv
Kitty honey
Kitty honey Today, 11:13
Huyền Vũ
Huyền Vũ Today, 11:10
170m views done
Paul Ling
Paul Ling Today, 11:04
20-Jan Day 119 166,694,215 481,787 21-Jan Day 120 167,173,296 479,081 22-Jan Day 121 167,650,576 477,280 23-Jan Day 122 168,114,302 463,726 24-Jan Day 123 168,601,130 486,828 25-Jan Day 124 169,075,867 474,737 26-Jan Day 125 169,572,552 496,685 27-Jan Day 126 170,005,092 432,540 Slowing down down down down! This is not enough for us to push this song to surpass 200 million with the same speed as Likey, Fancy and What is Love? Let's stre3m harder!
Angel Gabriel Balcazar orrantia
Angel Gabriel Balcazar orrantia Today, 11:02
Si algun dia llegas a leer esto... quiero decirte que talvez si te hice sentir especial, pero tu a mi jamas me hiciste sentir ni tu amistad... buenasuerte J
In Twice We Love
In Twice We Love Today, 10:59
170m 👏👏🍭30m 👀👉 200m😁
Eme Rald
Eme Rald Today, 10:57
𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒍~🙅‍♀️🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️
TWICE can Sing better than you
TWICE can Sing better than you Today, 10:55
Always the best
Sanika Uddin Once and Army
Sanika Uddin Once and Army Today, 10:48
I.hope my queens are enjoying their vacation
Sanika Uddin Once and Army
Sanika Uddin Once and Army Today, 10:47
Happy 170M views 🍭🍭
Amirul Firdaus Miguel
Amirul Firdaus Miguel Today, 10:45
Yeayyyy finally 170M views , keep streaming guys ✌️☺️✨
Krix Sunga
Krix Sunga Today, 10:43
anne torocio
anne torocio Today, 10:29
Is it just me who wants to hear Kim Dahyun's acoustic or ballad version of feel special especially on how she will sang the rap part into acoustic??Hahahah Her voice is so angelic. I WANNA HEAR HER SOFT VOICE. PLEASE
park sharonism
park sharonism Today, 10:02
the views are awfully slow today
Aheibam Anjumala
Aheibam Anjumala Today, 09:53
Chayeong bestie is MinaTzuyu bestie is MomoSana bestie is DahyunNayeon bestie is JihyoJeongyon bestie is Jeongyon 😂😂😂
Johanes Tedja
Johanes Tedja Today, 09:43
Cant wait for next comeback OT9 promo
ZI001 PlayzRoblox
ZI001 PlayzRoblox Today, 09:43
Wait. Didn’t Mina sing?
丁盈竹 Today, 09:37
Beepz 4357LY
Beepz 4357LY Today, 09:35
You make me feel specialAnd i want to make other people feel special That's what you do
ilove yoo
ilove yoo Today, 09:25
emilyliew92 Today, 09:25
do not know they will renew the contract or not ???????
Wei Ze
Wei Ze Today, 09:22
Let's go to 500K+ daily
Wei Ze
Wei Ze Today, 09:21
emilyliew92 Today, 09:15
sorry 2 say is next year is there 7 year ??/
ᴄʜᴇᴇꜱᴇ ᴋɪᴍʙᴀᴘ
ᴄʜᴇᴇꜱᴇ ᴋɪᴍʙᴀᴘ Today, 09:09
ONCE's can't wait to see Mina Perform this.
reena 2u
reena 2u Today, 09:06
24k more to 170m
Klaudia Richards
Klaudia Richards Today, 08:51
Sana: A homeless/depressed cotten candy
nabaa army once
nabaa army once Today, 08:30
I feel sooo special
nabaa army once
nabaa army once Today, 08:29
nabaa army once
nabaa army once Today, 08:29
nabaa army once
nabaa army once Today, 08:29
nabaa army once
nabaa army once Today, 08:29