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Wengie Music
Wengie Music 19 October 2019 22:08
Omg we hit 1 million in 21 hours!! Thank you so much #Wengiecorns and #Neverlands and #wengielands and #nevercorns ! 😂😂 #Mingie and #Wennie is very happy!! 😍🥰🥰 please keep streaming and see what we can hit next milestone 2 million 🌈🌈🌈🥰 love you guys!!
Just A Fan
Just A Fan Today, 15:51
Members Of G-idle1: Miyeon2:Yuqi3:Minnie4:Seyeon5:Shuhua6:Soojin7: Wengie
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Today, 15:26
So prettyyyyyyyyy
XxAngel PlayzxX
XxAngel PlayzxX Today, 15:14
Where will be the concert at?
Iris Macoviciuc
Iris Macoviciuc Today, 14:57
the dior beld tho! 😂 love it! 😍
BUSHRA 301 Today, 14:08
الاغنيه خرافيه 💜💜💜
P.Y. NG Today, 13:03
Wow !!!!!
Maryam Alkhameesi
Maryam Alkhameesi Today, 12:18
This was such a good music video❤️
Don't bother
Don't bother Today, 11:58
Park June
Park June Today, 10:05
러시아 여가수들이었던 타투생각난다 이런 느낌
sofie oda
sofie oda Today, 08:58
You should make more k-pop
dangergirl _always
dangergirl _always Today, 05:11
Can I use this song thank you
Belen Guzman
Belen Guzman Today, 04:35
Minnie said “wengie” then she said “Minnie”
Shukri Miah
Shukri Miah Today, 03:48
My fav song...It look so cool and fun to hear
Aechido Chido
Aechido Chido Today, 03:27
aarynn Today, 03:26
Hey!im am a fan and I really want to do a collab with you,I live in America please,it has been my dream
•Pastel Malk•
•Pastel Malk• Today, 02:25
Why do I miss her life hacks video-
Izzie Stachelski
Izzie Stachelski Today, 01:27
syahnaz puteri carroline 2
syahnaz puteri carroline 2 Today, 00:46
Wow this video is great i like it😊(hello i'm from indonesia)😉
Maryam Siddiqui
Maryam Siddiqui Today, 00:40
She is so different, lol i watched her like so long ago, and I freakin love Minnie so the best combo and its impressive bc Wengie is Chinese and Minnie is Thai, and the song is Korean and english
RowRow Today, 00:36
Wengie normally: Sunshine and rainbows! 🌈Wengie while singing: You have reached my dark side... 🌑XD Love you Wengie!
RealityHazel - RobloxVideosThatSuck
RealityHazel - RobloxVideosThatSuck Yesterday, 23:18
Lowkey think there copying Blackpink or something
Бади Батсайхан
Бади Батсайхан Yesterday, 21:57
wow amazing
Proud Chim Army
Proud Chim Army Yesterday, 20:11
2:21 Keep eying Minnie NO OFFENSE she just looks like she doesnt want to dance and her arms look very fat and she doesnt want to be in the video just from her looks (not beacause she needs to have a badass face but she looks like she dosnt want to be in the video)
luna pp
luna pp Yesterday, 18:05
Cynthia Surajpaul
Cynthia Surajpaul Yesterday, 17:36
I love it
Hindustan English School
Hindustan English School Yesterday, 16:19
You guys have got 946k subscribers congratulations
Zahaira Velasquez
Zahaira Velasquez Yesterday, 15:55
yeah ilove it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mahal Tejada
mahal Tejada Yesterday, 15:50
Love you wengie
Marcus Lara
Marcus Lara Yesterday, 14:55
kiddo Yesterday, 14:18
I think for better result, you should have released the all English version in the first place instead of this K-Pop version since there ain't almost no K-netizens follow this channel.
Amy Saranghe
Amy Saranghe Yesterday, 13:42
Lion 🦁
Luckylucky Nuk
Luckylucky Nuk Yesterday, 13:25
Ashley Khryss
Ashley Khryss Yesterday, 12:40
hannah swift
hannah swift Yesterday, 12:05
please help , I don’t know Korean language , but i have tried to sing some song in Korean language please can someone have a look at it , and tell me how are my pronunciations? It will be great if some Korean listen it and tell me how it is??? N please do correct my pronunciation mistakes
Capt Howdy
Capt Howdy Yesterday, 05:06
this isnt the wengie ive been watching for years: WHO ARE YOU AND WERE IS WENGIE
Olivia Oh
Olivia Oh Yesterday, 04:13
I was so surprised when it started singing KoreanI'm Korean :)
hitesh suryavanshi
hitesh suryavanshi Yesterday, 04:12
Drop beat is sick 🖤
Ayesha bhebang millare
Ayesha bhebang millare Yesterday, 03:47
This is so beutiful
the awesome cookie candy
the awesome cookie candy Yesterday, 03:11
THE DOCTOR: you only have 3 minutes and 20 seconds to live.ME:♥♥♥ watches this.
Nadezhda Izyurova
Nadezhda Izyurova Yesterday, 03:10
i...am...iNsPireD! XD i love the song : )
lonelydxnce [Joshua Elise]
lonelydxnce [Joshua Elise] Yesterday, 02:39
my childhood has turned into the only kpop artist i'll listen to
Hanayo Koizumi
Hanayo Koizumi Yesterday, 01:56
her eyes are bigger than my credit debt
Alicatg PLAYZ
Alicatg PLAYZ Yesterday, 01:35
Bow down to queen Wengiecorn! and minnie and wengie whispering stuff that i cant understand lolIm NoT hAtInG!!!!!
Brooke Chapman chapman
Brooke Chapman chapman Yesterday, 01:19
This video is awsome
Wiktoria Florczyk
Wiktoria Florczyk 13 November 2019 22:42
I need to see Wangie sing in korean damn
ประภาศิริ คชเสน
ประภาศิริ คชเสน 13 November 2019 21:51
Simi Jose
Simi Jose 13 November 2019 21:24
Wenge looks beautiful
Sunshine XD
Sunshine XD 13 November 2019 20:53
Now i need wengie x BlackPink
Sophie bella Carlton
Sophie bella Carlton 13 November 2019 19:59
wengie deserves to become a k pop idol shes made for it